Where Did my Baby Go?

I looked in my rear view mirror this morning, while driving to ‘school’, at a chatterbox… going on about pumpkins and buses and munching on sausage, all with a huge smile on his face, his feet swinging huge snow boots that he demands to wear even though there is no snow on the ground… and I realize.  My baby is gone.

In the blink of an eye, the picture from my rear view mirror has changed from a snoozing innocent baby boy engrossed in a huge car seat, wrapped in blankets and sometimes swatting at dangling toys has transformed to a kid.  A highly opinionated, talkative, energetic, growing little man.  A kid that I can barely keep up with.  He doesn’t stop talking.  Half the time I have to stop him because I can’t understand what words he’s trying to say.  Then other times he’ll carry on a whole conversation with me, or even himself.  He’s set in his ways – he wants what he wants and if he doesn’t get it, on come the terrible two tantrums.  He wants blue mittens, not red.  He wants James the train to sleep with him, not Thomas.  He wants to eat marshmallows for dinner not hot dogs.  He wants to build a house for John (the Lego man that drives the John Deere tractor), not a tower.  He wants to sit in that chair, not this one.

From this….


To this…

photo (6)

He is always right – “No Mommy!” constantly comes out of his mouth because god forbid I tell him something is orange, not red and he doesn’t agree.  And he has to do everything himself.  So independent.  “Avery do it!” is what he tells me when I think I need to help him put a toy together.  He reminds me that he’s a big boy now… that he wants to do everything himself – even if it means he needs to get his step stool to reach something or struggle in frustration because he can’t get the cap off a market – but he still tries and his determination and independence is so adorable.

He still needs Mommy to kiss his boo-boos and he will stop while we are playing,  and give me a hug and kiss, out of nowhere.  Those moments make me melt.  He is such a boy, throwing and yelling and pushing things over, but then he can be sweet and bring tears to my eyes when he wants a kiss or asks to hold my hand.  Because although he’s growing up, he’ll always be my baby.

A very big 26 month old baby, at that.  He’s now officially over 27lbs.. approaching 28!  Avery loves weighing himself on the scale at home… it might have to do with the fun buttons and beeping the scale makes, but Mommy is also excited when he weighs in and the numbers are growing!
He’s still a picky eater.. veggies and most fruit are the plague to him.  But Mommy squeezes in anything she can to keep the little dude healthy. And we’ve started taking kiddo vitamins every day.  They’re gummies so Avery loves them.  Hopefully they help supplement for the greens he refuses to eat.  I also slip in V8 fruit/veggie juices when I can.  But I’ve tried mixing veggies in rice – Avery won’t touch it.  Anything with color is scary to him.. he does love strawberries and apples though, so we always have those in stock.  He’s still a big meat eater and loves pasta and rice.  Oh and candy… these holidays are NOT good for a parent!  Avery comes home and goes straight to the Christmas tree, breaks a candy cane in half and shows me, “Can-E?” Avery asks.  And man does he get mad when I tell him not until after dinner.  But his meltdowns have gotten a little less dramatic when it comes to that, maybe because I really stick to my guns and he knows I won’t budge.  But he’s been eating well, and when he does, he gets a chocolate from his advent calendar and a little of a candy cane.


Avery’s still working on counting.  He says ‘One Three’ instead of ‘1,2’.. but it’s better than “1,5,8” which he was set on last month.  He can identify blue, red, green, yellow, black, orange and his favorite color is still blue.  He’s been getting into imaginary play.. pretending with his Lego guy ‘John’… having him talk on the phone to MiMi and feeding his toy dog marshmallows.

We had a few days of difficult bed times when Avery got up and I had to put him back down 10+ times – to be expected because it’s been almost 2 months of good bedtimes, and as a mother, I know these stages/phases only last so long before he throws me a curve ball and changes it up.  He has been sleeping a lot lately… and maybe that’s because he’s growing or because he’s tired from being so darn active all day.  Some days I have to gently wake him up because he’s slept an hour later that he should (even though he had a usual bed time).
Avery’s favorite activities are playing with his trains, Legos, coloring on his easel, and snacking.  Give the kid a snack in a cup and he’s quiet for 5 minutes.. just wandering around munching away.  We’ve done a few holiday activities and crafts (we’ll share soon) that he’s enjoying as well.. especially his elf on the shelf… this morning he came out asking ‘where’d elf go?’

Promise I’ll share pics and stories about our holiday fun soon… off to a ladies lunch today – a much needed break from busy work and I have been pretty sick so no running from this girl for a while…

❤ Meghan


7 thoughts on “Where Did my Baby Go?

  1. How do you get him to sleep longer? My little man is up at 6:30 every day and it drives me craaaazy!! Lol. Avery is getting so big and articulate and I know it’s just the beginning. 🙂

    • I let him snuggle with me in bed, then when he’s passed out, I get up and am able to get showered/dressed before he wakes up for the day. He must really like my bed and covers or something cuz he loves sleeping in my bed in the mornings.

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