A Belated Thank You

I’ve said this many times before… I get things done… sometimes it just takes me much longer than other people.  Avery and work keep me pretty busy, so squeezing in little projects and knocking off items on my to-do list take rather long… but they do get done!

This weekend I finally finished Avery’s 2nd Birthday thank you cards.  I had them ordered and mailed to me a while ago, and sat down a few nights to write them out, and FINALLY finished them this Sunday.  I mailed them on Monday, so everyone should be getting a card in the mail like this…

photo (1)


VistaPrint Thank You Cards

Avery had so many guests and received so many gifts for his birthday… it was only fitting that we thanked everyone.  The books, trains, cars, coloring books, everything Avery got is used on a daily basis… I have no idea what we’ll do when Christmas comes and there are more toys to add to his growing collection!

A big thanks to MiMi and Grampy and Aunt Sarah for hosting Avery’s birthday party this year and to everyone that came to celebrate.  Hope you enjoy the cards… Our Christmas cards will be out the door soon too! (I know, I’m on the ball this year and actually had time to do them!)

❤ Meghan

P.S. Sticking to my budget, I only spent $20 on the thank you cards + $10 in stamps… photograph by my Mom/Sis, and used VistaPrint online to upload the photo/design to order the cards.

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