Thanksgiving Things

This year was Avery’s first Thanksgiving in Vermont… and my first Thanksgiving back in Vermont since 4-5 years ago.  We had our traditional Thanksgiving meal, football, family, and sledding at Aunt Debbie’s (my Dad’s side of the family).

Avery wasn’t having anything to do with the turkey, but ate the M&Ms off a cookie…


It was nice to visit with family, especially ones I only see a couple times a year.  And we all had fun browsing the Black Friday ads in the papers…


Grampy and Uncle Mike took Avery outside for some sledding… although he was bundled up, at least this year he can walk and isn’t stiff like the Christmas Story kid like last winter.

Avery was ready for a nap after his sledding adventures so we packed up in the car and headed to my Mom’s parents.  Avery passed out in the car and slept the first 2 hours we visited with them – missing a cousin, aunt, and uncle.  When he woke up he finally ate something and played before heading home for the day.

We spent a couple days up in Vermont and Avery was busy with MiMi and Grampy… He built a snowman…


Who he named ‘Pumpkin’… seriously.

Avery did some lounging and horsing around in the basement…


On Black Friday I caught some kind of bug and our big plans to go out were ruined altered… I went home to sleep while Avery went shopping with MiMi and Grampy…


And more playing at the house…


I spent the remainder of the weekend pretty sick, but Mister Avery had a blast.  Back home on Saturday night and Sunday we spent cleaning the apartment and setting up our Christmas tree!… oh and we started Elf on the Shelf…. wait until you hear what Avery named him….

❤ Meghan


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