Let The Potty Adventures Begin…

Sunday night we had a BIG moment… one of those, I love being a parent because I just shared this moment with my kid, moments.  I smiled. Cheered. Almost cried.

Before bath time, I asked Avery if he wanted to use the potty.  I usually have him sit on the potty before bath time every night.  We’re in no way, potty training, just getting associated with it and understanding what to do on it.  Well for whatever reason, I remembered I had vitamin gummies from the Costco trip my parents took me on, so I told Avery he could have a gummy (he loves gummies) if he went pee in the potty.  Not 10 seconds later, he did!  I was so surprised, and proud.  After he had his gummy and jumped in the bath, we Face Time called my parents and Avery told them what he did, they too were as excited as I was.

photo (2)

I guess I’m going to use the gummies or a sticker chart – some reward system for him because he’s like me, goal-oriented, haha.  Any suggestions?

I’m in no way ready to ditch the diapers, but we’ll be taking more breaks to sit on the potty (we’ve tried a couple more times since with no luck), and I’ll be doing some research and asking around to other mommies about the do’s, don’ts and tricks of potty training.

Please, share your potty wisdom…

❤ Meghan


4 thoughts on “Let The Potty Adventures Begin…

  1. Hey Megs way to go girl! Oh and you go little man:-) Believe it or not, I used to put Chereos and Fruitloops (a few at a time) in the “bowl” and had the boys use them at “targets” I’m really proud of you and Ave for your all’s patience:-)

  2. Good job, Avery! We bought a little potty a little before Annabel turned two. She loved it and sat on it until she finally peed. Next morning, same thing. Since then? Absolutely no interest at all. Refuses to sit on it. So yeah. No potty training happening around here because I don’t want to force her, and I’m worried that if I start offering treats for going, she’ll insist on one every time. So I don’t know. I think I’m just going to wait around to see if she initiates it soon.

    Sorry, that’s no help! Hopefully Avery shows more interest than Annabel:)

    • Thanks, Adrianne. They’re both still a little young. I don’t think I’m gonna worry about pushing it too much until he’s 2-1/2. Until then, we’ll just keep sitting on the potty as often as possible. Oh and I know what you mean about the treats/rewards – Avery asks for them even if he doesn’t pee… but I put my food down and he gets over it and distracted with something else.

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