a GLOBEal Secret

For the past month I’ve had to keep something secret..  I mean, yeah I told my Mom, but I was under strict orders to keep it under wraps until the ‘big reveal’.  Well, that was yesterday, and to keep my fellow coworkers in suspense until our company luncheon today (I’m posting this just before I head there…), I kept it secret one more day – and if you regularly read the Boston Globe, or you were one of the family/friends that bought it not knowing why other than me telling you to, you now know…

photo (3)

photo (2)

I know, it took me a few seconds to realize who that was too.

I had no idea my sweaty face was going to be on the cover of a magazine until we were given the magazines at the awards reception last week – Let me start from the beginning…

Over a month ago, the Director of Marketing at work, Tom, let me in on a little secret;  Our company had made The Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work 2013 list.  Exciting news! To make the list, companies are voted by their employees, via a survey online – so that means my coworkers (and me) really like where we work!  This year was our first shot at getting on the list, so it’s great that we made it, but it was all hush-hush until the big reveal.  We didn’t even know what number on the list we were.  But the Globe had found our corporate membership to a rock climbing gym interesting, so Tom said he knew I went to the gym often (I pass his office every day when I go), and wondered if I would mind being interviewed?  I obliged and 5 minutes later I was answering questions from a Globe reporter.  Pretty cool.  But it didn’t end there…

A week later, a photographer from the Globe called me asking if she could take pictures of me at the gym.  Ummm ok, sure.  She met me at the gym and told me to do what I usually do… so I did some bouldering and weight lifting.  It was quite an experience.  She would ask me to do something over and over so she could get a shot and I was dripping sweat and getting quite a workout in.  When she was looking thru the photos she took, checking them, she told me ‘You’re Glistening!’… and I thought, oh great, my sweat is reflective! We had a fun time and I didn’t have my hopes up about having my photo in the paper…

I was flattered when I was asked to be one of the four from our company to attend the reception for The Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work 2013 last week.


pictured: me, Tom (Director of Marketing), & CFO Joe Cannistraro

photo (2)

And you can guess how surprised I was when we picked up a copy of the magazine and my face was on the cover…

Oh and on huge poster boards they had displayed around the room…


We were excited to be on the list (we made #35 in the medium-sized companies)

photo (5)
photo (6)

Congrats JCC!  I’ve been with this company for five years, so I can vouch for it really being worthy of the list – being 35 of 40 is great!  But only the top companies really get recognition, so to have my face on the cover…and an article inside about our company perk – the rock climbing gym- was even better (says the Director of Marketing)

photo (4)

Oh and if you missed the paper yesterday, you can find the articles online –

BOSTON.COM – homepage with links to all articles about the TOP PLACES TO WORK 2013



boston perks


boston perks page



Congrats to JCC (and all the other companies that made the list!) …I’m off to celebrate with my coworkers… can’t wait until next year when we can try for an even higher number on the list!  Shoutout to Pat Greenhouse – fun and creative photographer.

P.S. I have 6 copies of the magazine, so those of you that didn’t (or couldn’t because they don’t carry the Globe) snag a paper yesterday, let me know and I’ll send one to you.  Marcus – you’re first on my list… to think they don’t have the Boston Globe down in Tennessee!  Sheesh!

10 thoughts on “a GLOBEal Secret

  1. omg that is so awesome! are you signing autographs 😉 congrats and that is great it is you working out and sweating, you look amazing!! (congrats on the company too!)

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