Girls (& Avery) Weekend

My amazing Mom and Sister came down this past weekend.  We had such a fun long weekend (because of Veterans Day) together. They got in Friday night after I had put Avery to bed – we played a game of scrabble, sipped on some wine, and laughed over not knowing if something was a word or how to spell it.

Saturday morning, Avery was thrilled to see them.  And since Aunt Sarah’s birthday was the weekend before, Avery gave her the gift he had made her… IMG_1945

Avery had worked hard on the shirt earlier in the week and I had to wait until after we gave it to her to share these… IMG_1940 IMG_1943

We took our traditional walk to Dunks for breakfast… it was chilly, but a fun walk together…


We played with trains and legos before heading down the the south shore.

Mom and Avery went to the mall play place while I took my sister to get our nails done with my birthday gift certificate – such fun sister time chatting and getting pampered.  An hour later we all had lunch at the mall food court. IMG_0691

Avery passed out on the ride home and slept for a while at home after that – that’s when my sis helped me move boxes in and out of storage (something I can’t do when I’m alone with Avery because it requires leaving the apartment and going up and down stairs with heavy boxes), I did laundry, and unpacked some boxes, and Mom started dinner in the crock pot. When Avery woke up, we took him to a new park nearby… he had a blast going down the slides, swinging, and playing in the leaves…oh Avery loved the leaves!

We even herded some geese…


It gets dark at 4:30, so when the sun was setting, it got darker and chilly so we headed home.  More legos and trains… and face time with Grampy.
Then dinner… which had been cooking in the crock pot all day… yum!


After dinner, Avery learned how to dunk cookies in milk…

Avery wanted to do more painting… so before bath, Aunt Sarah joined …


After Avery was down, we played a quick game of Phase 10 Twist.  We were all tired and in bed by 9:15 after that.

Sunday was Avery’s day with his Dad, so us girls went SHOPPING!  Mom had promised us a shopping trip for our birthdays, so we collected.  We hit up a couple stores and a mall… I got workout socks, orange tights, scarves, black patterned tights, a dress, purple pants, some tank undershirts, a flowered skirt, and a necklace.  We had some fun finds… like Sarah found a Ninja Turtles T shirt and some crazy patterned leggings.  Oh and you should have seen us in the clearance racks and with the coupons – we walked out of Kohls with a $95 purchase and over $200 in savings – woo hoo! IMG_0751

And after we were all shopped out, we had a nice lunch and desert at the Cheesecake Factory.  Yum!

Monday morning was a little more relaxed.  I stayed in bed and read a book while they went to Dunks – then we played at the park and inside.  Mom and Avery had some play time while Sarah and I went to workout for an hour (I ran 6 miles!) and then we took Avery to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch – he loved it! There were animals and fish… we will be going back with Grampy!

Such a busy weekend… but so much fun.  Can’t believe it’s Friday already and I have a full day with Avery tomorrow to have more fun together! Happy Friday!


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