10K – Here I come!

OK, so go ahead and think I’m crazy… get it over with before I ramble on and you can join in my excitement.


Ok, so in my recent fitness goals I thought about running a 10K in 2014.  Well, that idea has gotten the best of me and guess what?  I’m training to run a 10K, this month! (Ok take another second to reflect on how crazy I am…) Yes, I’ve only been actively running for a year now and only ran a few 5Ks this year, but most recently I’ve been running short (3 mile) runs a couple times a week, and did a ‘long run’ last Sunday (4 miles) and OMG… I am addicted.

As usual, the first mile was rough – it was freezing so I had to adjust my breathing, and I was feeling like crap after working yet another Sunday … I was really burnt out.  But I was set out to run longer than 3 miles… so I kept pushing.  And when I hit mile 2 I just kept going.. and going.  My hands were frozen, but my legs just kept going… so I ran around my office block  and did an extra loop around the river and guess what… I mapped it out after: 4.08 miles.  And I could have done even more!  I felt great after and now I’m hooked.  I can totally do 6.2 miles!

Sooooo ambitious me set out to find a 10K… and what do you know, there is one in my hometown in a couple weeks (Westford Turkey Trot) on a weekend I already have plans to visit.   I’m already freaked about the hills – there are always hills in Vermont, like the JMMY Run earlier this year…. but I’ll have to work on that before the big day…

So, with that crazy idea in my head, I’ve been running quite a bit…


16 miles in a week – woo hoo!  Ugh and I’ve had to run inside a few times because it gets dark early and one day at lunch it was pouring out.  It was miserable – hot and boring, but I did it!

My Mom and Sis visited this past weekend so I got a long run (6 miles!) in yesterday to start the week off.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and my feet are a little sore this morning, but it felt great – excited for some fast shorter runs this week to work on my speed (or lack there of!)


Here’s the plan I’ve been working on for training for my 10K (in only 3 weeks):

  • Last Week: 4 weekday 3 mile runs, 1 weekend 5-6 mile run
  • This Week: 4 weekday 3 mile runs, 1 weekend 5-6 mile run
  • Next Week: 4 weekday 3 mile runs, Rest Friday, 10K race on Saturday!

6.2 miles, here I come!!!

Happy Running!


5 thoughts on “10K – Here I come!

  1. even as a runner I thought you meant $10,000 at first hahah. But I will totally do that 10k in westford too if you do it! I usually do one in burlington but would rather go out there. You are an inspiration! I have a friend who when from couch to half marathon this year, her original plan was just to finish a 5k. Running has that effect on people, once you get over the initial step of being able to fun a few miles its amazing what you can do. I find sometimes I dont even warm up fully and feel good until 3/4 miles in, and if I stop before then I dont get to that better running place. Well you just motivated me to get out and run tomorrow! Thanks! Hope to see you in Westford!

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