H54F: A Fun Filled Week!

This week, thankfully, went by much slower than last week.  With Halloween and two classes I had to take last week, the week flew by and I didn’t get as much time with Avery as I like.  This week was another story.  Avery and I had hours of fun with legos, baking cookies, coloring, and making a present for Aunt Sarah’s birthday.  Such a fun-filled week!  Here’s this week’s TOP 5:

1. Museum Play Date

Over the weekend, Avery and I joined his buddy from his old daycare, Emmett, and his Mommy, at the Boston Children’s Museum.


They have a membership, so we got in free!  (remember my  $ Saving goals of doing free activities?!)  We got there early and it was gorgeous out – and there were pidgeons along the boardwalk…which Avery thought were ducks, so he spent half an hour chasing them and quacking at them.  Seriously.  Hilarious.  He was having a ball – and we weren’t even inside the museum yet!


When we did go inside, the boys played for 2 hours – trains, cars, in a tree house, reading books, play kitchen, etc.  They were too cute to watch together…

We will be going back after the new year – we have to wait a while because Emmett is going to be a big brother within a few weeks!  Oh and look who passed out hard and fast on the way home…

Avery and I have really gotten into his legos this week and when I ask him what he wants to play every night, it’s legos!  We even played for 15 minutes this morning before going to school/work because we were ahead of schedule.

Avery loves building a big tower… and when it got too big, we made use of his step stool.
He thought that was the coolest thing.  Now when we get the legos out to play, he brings out his lego John Deere tractor, I get the heavy bag of legos and then he goes and gets his step stool!

We’ve built some pretty tall towers this week…
And of coarse when we run out of legos, someone has to push it over…


3. Pumpkin Cookies

We scored pumpkin cookies this week – on sale for $1.50/box because it was after Halloween – but since Avery loves pumpkins, it was perfect for us!  We had fun making cookies twice this week (I split the box in two and did two sessions of baking).


Yes – he tries to eat the frozen cookies… silly kid.  He realizes later that the cooked ones are much yummier…



I love our new fridge.  You would think I would be missing the stainless steel, two door, water and ice maker fridge from our old house… not at all!  Why?  Because that one wasn’t magnetized, so Avery couldn’t play magnets on it while I was cooking in the kitchen.  But our new fridge, a plain white tiny little thing… it’s magnetic!!!


Avery and I have spent hours playing with magnets and I even hung his first piece of artwork from his new school on the fridge last night.

5. Birthday Surprise!

Avery and I spent two nights working on Aunt Sarah’s birthday present.  One night for the present and another for the card.  I am so excited to give it to her this weekend…IMG_1941

Happy Friday!!!

What are your weekend plans?  MiMi and Aunt Sarah are visiting… I better clear space in my phone for more photo taking!

High Five For Friday – join the link up party here!


4 thoughts on “H54F: A Fun Filled Week!

  1. Omg.. Caleb is totally into the mega bloks too. He will build trains, boats, trucks, bridges, airplanes…etc. What an imagination! Lol

    we went to the children’s museum last year and it was so much fun.

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