24 Clear Signs You’re a Mom

IMG_1671I was reading this article shown to me by another Mom and just thought I’d share my comments…

24 Clear Signs You’re a Mom publised in The Huffington Post on 11/5/2013

“We asked the moms of www.wemothers.com what it means to be a mom. Here is what they told us. You know you are a mom when:

1. Instead of running from projectile vomit, you run towards it.  So true.  Avery and I were visiting our old neighbors, who have two kiddos.  I was at the dining room table when I heard the sound of water, like something spilt.  I looked across the living room to see my neighbor’s son throwing up on the floor – I ran across the room and rubbed his back and talked to him calmly while I go his Mom’s attention (who ran for some paper towels)… and if you ask my Mom, throwing up is the worst possible thing that could happen to me, but seeing another kiddo throw up, I didn’t get sick or anything from seeing it, I was just concerned with him being scared and upset so I guess it was just mom instinct.

2. You do more in seven minutes than most people do all day.  Oh yes – when I have Avery napping or I have a break at work, I go to town writing bills, doing dishes, packing lunch, it’s amazing what can be done in a matter of minutes when you know you only have a short period of time before you’re interrupted and you’re focus will switch back to your kid.

3. Happy hour has become the 60 minutes between your kids going to bed and you going to bed.  Haha, love this, because it is soooo true.  When my day is winding down at work, I’m looking forward to playing with Avery and I am able to push through the day thinking about that and knowing that at 8pm when I put Avery to bed, I have time to clean and pack stuff for the next day, and then I have an hour to myself when I can read or watch a TV show before falling asleep…soooo nice to relax.  It doesn’t involve alcohol, but usually does involve a hot cup of tea!

4. A night of drinking requires more recovery time than minor surgery.

5. A glass of wine counts as a serving of fruit.

6. You have mini-therapy sessions all day long with anyone who will listen. Phylis and Andrew, long time friends/coworkers can attest to this.  They’re such a great support system and it helps a zillion when I can come talk to them for just 5 minutes a day.

7. Going to the grocery store by yourself is a vacation.  I went to target on Sunday after I worked all day to pick up a crib sheet for Avery (who was with his Dad for the day) and oh man, it was so nice to walk around and take my time, it was like a vacation!

8. You can experience heaven and hell at the same time.  Oh yes… toddlers can be adorable and sweet, but oh man are they exhausting and test your patience.  In a span of 15 minutes, Avery can throw a tantrum, get over it, and run up and give me a hug and kiss, for no reason.

9. You think of physical pain on three levels: pain, excruciating pain and stepping on a Lego. Oh, how many times have I stepped on a toy – ouch!  Another reason we make sure to pick up toys after every activity!

10. You have the ability to hear a sneeze through closed doors in the middle of the night, two bedrooms away, while your SO snores next to you.  No SO sleeping next to me, but I can hear every breath Avery takes in the room next door when I’m reading in bed at night… it’s so sweet and comforting.

11. You’d rather have a 103 degree fever than watch one of your kids suffer with it.  Oh yes.  It’s horrible having a sick kiddo and not being able to make them feel better.  I would be sick every day if it meant my son never got sick.

12. You’d rather go to sleep than have sex. Hahaha, soooo true!  Hey if you have been up with your baby multiple times a night and then work a full day and then do it all over for months, you would have a stronger appreciation and want of sleep too!

13. A 15-minute shower with the door locked feels like a day at the spa.  Yes!  I get to do this when I visit my parents and they have Avery…. I can slip away and shower, and even shave!  Such a luxury.

14. Peeing with an audience is part of the daily routine.  Oh yes, no doors are closed when I’m in the bathroom for anything. I got smashed with the door into my leg when I was peeing too many times because Avery wanted to come in, haha.

15. You use baby wipes to clean up random spills and the dash of your car.  Oh those things are great for everything!

16. You lock yourself in the bathroom and pretend to have diarrhea just to get a break.

17. You love Moms’ Night Out and Date Night with the Hubs.  When I visit my family in VT I make sure to take time for myself and go out with a friend or my sister – it’s good to have some adult time.

18. You have a secret chocolate stash because frankly, you’re sick of sharing.  I have to hide all food from Avery.  If he sees cookies or even gold fish, he wants it, and wants it now!  I have to stash everything!  Otherwise the kid would want cookies and cheese puffs for breakfast every morning.

19. You’ve been washing the same load of laundry for three days because you forgot to dry it.  Yep – this has happened many a times when we lived in our house.  Now, laundry can’t be forgotten since we share a common laundry room.

20. You realize you’ve been watching Nick Jr. alone, even though your kids have been in bed for over 30 minutes.  Not quite… but I do find myself listening to a song by Maroon 5 and singing the Seseme Street version instead of the real one… haha.

21. You can cook dinner, breastfeed, talk on the phone and yell at the kids, all without breaking stride or missing any of the TV show you are watching.  Yelling at Avery, no.  But multi-tasking, yes.  I can cook dinner while talking on the phone with my Mom and prep lunches for the next day.

22. You get more excited about the Mini Boden Catalogue than J Crew’s.

23. You decide to stick with your car for the next decade because a) you can’t afford to switch and b) you haven’t found a car wash that knows how to get all the milk stains and glitter removed.  Oh my poor car.  Goldfish and crumbs in places I didn’t know existed.  Cleaning my car is last on my to-do list… but every couple months I get around to it and a day later, it’s a mess again!

24. By the end of the day, brushing your teeth feels like a huge accomplishment. I definitely feel a sense of relief at the end of the night – knowing I made it through another day and didn’t loose my mind or temper.  Working and taking care of Avery is exhausting, but so rewarding.  At the end of the night when I’m brushing my teeth and I know I got so much accomplished, and spent time with my son and he’s happy and healthy, then I’m happy.

www.WeMothers.com is an online community dedicated to moms’ emotional well-being. To read the story behind http://www.WeMothers.com on HuffPost click here.”

❤ Meghan


3 thoughts on “24 Clear Signs You’re a Mom

  1. Another thing that ends up being the scourge of your car seats and mats are Play Doh crumbs. They bring such joy to the kids and such agony to everyone else who has to clean up!


    • We haven’t embarked on the play doh adventure yet… I’m thinking a good Christmas gift idea… and keeping it in the house will be a must! Thanks for the tip!

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