25 Months

It’s probably a little crazy of me to keep doing monthly updates on Avery, but there is so much new stuff happening with Avery that I just HAAAAD to share!

Reading.  At bedtime, when we read (typically 3-5 books), Avery now asks for another book, or gets out of bed and picks one, naming the book (correctly). He repeats common phrases like ‘Chicka Chicka’ (his latest favorite) and gives me his pouty face when we’re done reading and I tell him it’s bedtime because he wants to keep reading.  He does go to sleep well though…

Sleep.  Although we’ve moved, Avery has really adapted well to our new surroundings.  His mannerisms are the same, and he’s even sleeping much better.  When I put Avery to down to sleep, he rarely gets out of bed.  He had only gotten out of bed once since we moved after I put him down.  He has gotten up early and I let him cuddle with me and sleep a little longer in the mornings, but on most nights, he sleeps 8-630, sometimes 7.  He is a solid napper too – says his teacher.  They are so impressed that he falls asleep so fast at nap time at school – and he only has his ‘bubba’ at bedtime – not even at nap time.

School.  Avery has quickly adjusted to his new daycare.  At first, I stayed with him in the mornings for 5-10 minutes and he would cry and throw a fit when I left, telling me ‘No Mommy, Sit!’ But all last week and this week he has given me a kiss at the door and I watch him join a group reading and he sits right down, or he goes for the push cars and doesn’t look back for me.  When I pick him up, he’s thrilled to see me, but is engrossed in an activity, so I have to talk to him a bit to convince him to get ready to go.
Counting. Avery’s favorite numbers are 5 and 8.  He can’t count (correctly), but he does try – I ask him to count the eyes in his monster count book and he points at each one ‘five, eight, five, eight, nine, five, eight.’ His MiMi was counting by tens this past weekend with him so he’s added ‘ten’ to his random counting at times.  He also mimicked a kid this past weekend at the park who was counting each step as he climbed and Avery followed suit.. well, with eights and fives, but he kept looking back at me for approval and my clapping and encouragement made him proudly smile.

Shapes & Colors & Letters. Avery can identify a circle, and is adamant on pointing them out wherever he sees them.  When he watches Shawn the Train in the morning, he loves the shapes episode and when the train points out each shape, Avery repeats every single one after they say it on the show.  Avery still thinks everything is ‘blue’ when you ask him… but if I ask him to get all the yellow blocks, he does.  Same with red.  Green we are working on.  Avery can even identify the letter A.  He says ‘A apple’..because A is for Apple.  Such a smarty.

Songs.  I caught Avery singing ‘Quack Quack here, Quack Quack here’… and realized he was singing old McDonald… a song he loves me to sing in the car.  And he loves singing ‘Happy To You’ (Happy BIRTHDAY to you), and the clean up song

Growing.  Avery has had a massive appetite and sleeping well the past week or two… someone might be going thru a growth spurt!  He was certainly grown since July because his costume from the family reunion that we reused for Halloween was tight on him!  I’ll have to measure him soon and see!

Avery is still very picky with his foods and won’t eat any veggies I offer him.  But he is getting much better at sitting thru a whole meal and drinking his milk in a cup without any help.  He does get frustrated using utensils if the food falls off before it hits his mouth though…and I have to hide my giggle because he’s so cute.

Terrible Twos.  Right around Avery’s 2-year mark, he began throwing fits and tantrums.  He does them more often now.  A combination of his mother’s stubbornness and his Dad’s temper and he can throw quite a fit…over something as small as me not letting him have a cookie for breakfast or having to stop playing to eat dinner.  He gets over it, because Mommy doesn’t give in, and then he’s back to his cheerful self.. tear streaks still visible on his smiling cheeks.

Art & Energy.  Avery never seizes to amaze me.  His love to color and paint is adorable.  We have fun coloring together on his new easel.  He asks me to draw something and he colors it in.  We’re quite the team of Picassos. And then there’s Avery’s amount of energy… the kid will go and go and go!  We spent half an hour chasing pigeons on Saturday while we waited for our friends to go to the Children’s Musuem.  Avery ran around quacking at the ‘ducks’ as he called them and was just laughing and smiling…. we always have such a fun time together.

Talking.  Avery is repeating everything.  His favorite phrases are ‘Where are you Toby?’ when he can’t find something or hid a train as a game and then says ‘There you are, Toby!’  Avery’s manners are improving.  He says ‘please’ ‘thank you’ and ‘welcome’…sometimes without being asked to.  Sometimes Avery is very quiet, like when he is coloring and concentrating, but other times he just talks and talks and sometimes I have no idea what he’s saying!  This morning he was telling me ‘Big Tree Mommy’ and pointing at the tree.  ‘Big Smoke Mommy’ pointing at the smoke coming from a house.  He’s too darn cute.

All by Himself.  Avery certainly can’t do much without my help, but I have begun to give him opportunities to do things for himself.  He is wonderful about putting his toys away when we are done an activity.  I have him walk, even up and down stairs by himself – he is too big too carry now and is great about counting each step and looks so proud after he’s done it by himself.  He lugs his step stool around himself so he can reach or see higher because Mommy won’t pick him up all the time.  And he loves zipping up his pajamas by himself.  Before I know it he’ll be tying his own shoes…

Another month flashes by and we’re already approaching 26 months…


4 thoughts on “25 Months

  1. I love that you’re still doing updates. I was planning to do them every 3 months once Annabel turned two, but this is making me think I should at least do every 2 months. They just change so much!!

    Avery is adorable! So glad to hear that he’s adjusted well to the move.

  2. How quickly the time seems to be going. Avery is just getting so big. Happy 25-months big guy.

    PS the repeating everything is a tough one. P said “Oh shi*,” and Lili repeated twice. Lol.

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