The 5K this past weekend was a swift kick in the butt to get back to running… and running further.  I was doing 1-1.5 miles a few days a week.  Now… well, look at what I did in the past week:

Run Log 10.31.2013

I don’t time most my runs, so the duration is out of whack, but I ran TEN MILES in the past 5 days!

The 5K on Saturday night was quite an adventure.  As it turned out, my cousins bailed and didn’t run it, so I ran all by myself.  Luckily, I had a cheering section (of 1), that helped motivate me, and it wasn’t raining (it rained all day long), but man was it cold!  It was in the low 40s, which made me think the run would have been much better planned in the summer – but it was a GLOW theme going along with Halloween.  There were some costumes, and we were all decked out in glow sticks – good thing too because some of the route wasn’t well lit and on a main road!

Oh and talk about poorly planned.  The first section of the race was on a pathway that could barely fit 2 people wide.. so I had to walk the first 20 seconds of the run until it
53620_17192thinned out a bit, then I couldn’t go anywhere.  Some lady with a stroller to my right, bushes on my left, and a slow woman in front of me, ugh!  I finally broke free when we hit the main road.  Some people passed me, and I passed a few runners.  About 1 mile in, the sidewalks and road were covered in leaves and water – so unsafe!  I was careful with every step, hoping I wouldn’t face plant after slipping on a wet leaf or trip on a hidden crack.  But on the good side, the course was pretty flat, only one hill at the turn point.  And I totally could have kicked it up a notch earlier towards the end… but I didn’t judge the finish line well – I thought it was further away so I could have knocked off another 10-20 seconds if I planned the final push a little better – oh well.  I finished in 31:23, so just over 10 minute miles.  Not bad.  Not my best, but I’m proud I ran the whole thing and finished 79 of 153..see there I am !!! :

glow run results
So, last week I was running longer to prep for the race.  Now that’ past, I’ve been keeping up with longer runs – and on days I can’t fit much in, I do a short, but fast, run.  These new fitness goals seem to be working – I’m under my target weight (I’ve lost 18lbs in the past year), feeling great, and working out every day it’s possible – no excuses.  Tuesday was no exception.  I was swamped at work and had a big deadline.  I skipped blogging for the day and met (and exceeded) my deadline with 15 minutes to spare before my class so I could run over to the gym and do a quick mile before going to class all smelly 🙂 And because I was pressed for time, I did a mile in 9:37… woohoo!  I am skipping today though – need to leave work early, get Avery, feed him dinner, and go meet friends to go trick or treating!

Oh, and I’ve been doing my long runs outside, with coworkers most days.  The company and scenery makes the distance more bearable – we get to change at the gym and run outside along the Charles River…

3 mile loop

I have to get a nice running watch (Maybe for Christmas, Mom?) so I can time these runs.  I could carry my phone with me and get an app – I hear the Nike app is good, but I don’t like to carry anything with me, especially a big iPhone.

❤ Meghan


2 thoughts on “Run!

  1. First, congrats on the 5k race. I am so glad you went been though people canceled. That’s awesome!! And second, hooray on getting miles in during the week. I think you’re ready for that 10k followed by a half.

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