New Goals: Fitness

With all that’s going on, lots of stuff has taken a backseat.  Working out is one of them.  I slacked on working out for a couple weeks back in August and September because I had meetings with lawyers and had to take some personal time to get finances and accounts in order, oh and I had to get new tires on my car before it became a death trap, and get its yearly inspection – so with all that I used all my lunch breaks and shifted my schedule around to fit it all in, without jeopardizing time with Avery and messing up his typical schedule.  But that meant no gym at lunch.  And weekends it was just me and Avery, and my jogging stroller is busted (gotta fix that), so working out with him in tow was almost impossible.  So, I fit it in when time allowed – not nearly as much as I’d want and needed (working out is such a good stress relief!).  But now that we’re all settled into our new place (well minus the few boxes left and pile of clothes all over my room), and into a routine that requires MUCH less commuting, I can squeeze in workouts!

As important as it is for me to spend time with Avery, it’s also important that I take care of myself.  The happier and healthier I am, the better Mom I am for Avery.  At some point in every workout, I feel guilty, thinking I could pick Avery up 30 minutes earlier if I didn’t run – but then I have to tell myself that I deserve some me-time and it in-directly helps Avery because it relieves my stress and when I’m being healthy, I make healthy choices for Avery too.

So – with this new life, I’ve made some New Fitness Goals:

  1. Make a Routine of it.  Now that I don’t commute as much (2-1/2 hours down to 15 minutes), I have time to hit the gym after work (time I would have spent sitting in traffic) and pick up Avery after afterwards and he is still in daycare LESS hours a day than he was before.  Score.  Time for me to workout and more time with Avery!
  2. Workout Every Weekday.  Unless I have something scheduled that interferes with time allowed for this, I will workout.  No excuses.
  3. Always Bring Gym Clothes.  Every night when I make our lunches, I also pack my gym clothes.  Even if I have something planned and can’t go, I bring them anyways, just in case.  This helped earlier this week when my coworkers invited me for a run outside at lunch and instead of taking a lunch break, I ran with them.  If I hadn’t packed my clothes, I would have missed out on it!
  4. Maximize Every Workout.  I only take 20-25 minutes to workout a day, which is NOT long.  So to maximize my time, I don’t shower after, I just cool-down and head off to pickup Avery.  I don’t think Avery minds my gym clothes or if I stink, haha.  So that right there saves me 5 minutes.  And during my workout, I try to get more sets in if I’m doing weights, or run faster, so I can go farther.  It’s kind of a vague goal, but it helps me push myself
  5. Maintain my Weight. I lost 17 pounds in the past year, and I’m at a healthy weight, so the goal is no longer to lose weight, but stay healthy and in shape and feel good about myself.  I would like to stay where I am on the scale, so if I keep working out, that shouldn’t be a problem – that and eating right!
  6. Set Goals. Yes, this is a list of goals, but I also need things to look forward to and to push myself, so I set a short term goal recently and signed up for a 5K race – this coming weekend!  It has pushed me to run further and faster this week, which makes me feel accomplished and I’m improving.  Plus, it’ll be fun because my cousins are running too.   It’s getting cold outside so I don’t see any more races coming up this year, but I’m thinking of starting 2014 out with a 10K…

53620_17192Today I need to get in a long run, hopefully 3 miles, so I can be ready for Saturday’s race.  Wish me luck!

Do you set fitness goals?  How do you squeeze workouts in with a kiddo?  How should I dress for a night race – it’ll be in VT at 8pm and I expect it to be freezing!


4 thoughts on “New Goals: Fitness

  1. I started working from home around July and the time I’ve saved from my commute has been so awesome. Sounds like lots of changes lately, but that is definitely going to be a good one for you!

    • Oh yes, I’m sure working from home saves so much $$ on commuting. The best thing is more time with my son… because we spend less time on the road, I get 30 more minutes with him in the morning (before we get in the car) and we are home 30-40 minutes earlier than before. So much more time with my little man!

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