A Fresh Start!

We Moved!  This weekend my amazing parents came down (again – two weeks in a row) and helped Avery and I move out of our house (which has been sold and we close on Nov 1st), and into our new apartment!  As big of a change this is, I haven’t shed a tear or had a bad thought about the move.  This is a good thing for Avery and I.  A fresh start, a smaller more manageable place for just the two of us, and a ridiculously shorter commute to daycare and work for us!  Good stuff all around!

So, last week I signed the lease and got the keys.


I took another peak at the apartment and thought it looked smaller than when I first looked at it… ugh.  No need to fret, because I drew up a floor plan (yep, nerdy CAD me) and I knew everything would fit…

apartment floor plan

Yes, I gave Avery the bigger of the two bedrooms. He has way more stuff than me and I’m just excited that I get a closet (I had only an armoire the past 2 years) and a nightstand (our house was too small for a nightstand on both sides of the bed so I have been using the floor the past 2 years).  And once we got all the stuff in, we moved things around from my original plan so I’ll have to post an updated plan after we settle in.

And look what is right outside our door…


A playground!

Friday was Avery’s last day at daycare, so we handed out these flowers to his teachers.  And to my surprise, he had a Halloween bucket full of goodies and cards and a balloon from everyone at daycare.  Oh how they will be missed!


MiMi and Grampy were already at the house when we came home Friday night.  We had a special Chinese take out dinner and packed a few more things before resting up for the big move.

Saturday morning, Dad and I got the U-haul and oh man, Avery was thrilled!!!  He played in the truck for a bit before we loaded it up.


Then it was time to pack her up.  Dad and I packed while Mom and Avery played.  My good friend, Bao, came over to help us and we moved even faster.  Avery got a kick out of the dolly and MiMi took him for a ride…


2-1/2 hours of packing and we the truck was bursting at the seams and ready to go!  Unloading took MUCH longer than loading did.  Especially since we are on the second floor and the parking lot is a ways from the apartment… 100 trips later, our new place looked like this…


Avery’s room:

That’s Avery napping in his new room on his mattress… tired boy from a busy day of moving!

My room:

My friend, Maria, came over and played with Avery so Mom, Dad, and I could unload.  We got it all done and the truck returned by dark.  We unpacked the kitchen, and assembled Avery’s and my bed, but then it was time for a break!  We went out to dinner and had a fun time.  Sitting at the table, I was sooo sore.  I had done most of the heavy lifting with Dad and I have bruises and cuts to prove it!  Luckily, I’m in shape so I didn’t break anything and I kept telling my Dad that I was keeping him young because this was the 6th move in the 9 years I’ve lived in Boston -every single one he has helped with.

Sunday, Avery spent the day with his Dad, so My Dad and I went back to the house to get the items that don’t fit in our new place and they would store in VT.  One last sweep of the house, and a goodbye photo:


Bye-Bye house!  Many memories.. but all the memories are captured in my mind and pictures – the house is just a house, materialistic.  What matters is that Avery and I have a home now that we will be happy and healthy in.

When we came back from our final trip to the house, Mom had gotten Avery’s room all setup!


When Avery came home last night, he was THRILLED – because all the same stuff is in his room – plus his new train table from his birthday, he is adjusting well.

We got to unpacking and after a couple hours… our new living room looks like this:


My Dad was not pleased with my living room setup because it lacked a key component – a TV!  I have gone the past 3 months without a TV and I love it.  It saves so much money, and I just use my IPad from work for Avery when he wants to watch a little Thomas the Train or Barney in the mornings.

So everything except my room and the bathroom were unpacked – and I could work on those this week.  Before Mom and Dad headed back to VT, they took me to Costco and stocked me up with diapers, wipes, meat, a few pair of pajamas for Avery, and a couple food items.  Thank you so much Mommy and Daddy!!!  They headed off in the afternoon and I hit the road to grab some items like a bathroom tub plug, command strips for picture frames, etc. and food shopping.  I had enough time to fill the fridge when I got home before picking Avery up –


Avery and I played before dinner…


Then, after Avery went to bed, I packed our lunches and made myself a yummy salad for dinner and opened the book my Mom got me…


Not a bad end to a long weekend of moving – but we lucked out with weather and friends helping and Avery is adjusting well – he slept thru the night both nights and when I took him to his new daycare this morning, he was thrilled.  And I was even more thrilled when my 1 – 1.5 hour morning commute turned into 14 minutes!  10 minutes from our new home to Avery’s daycare (2 miles) and 4 minutes from daycare to my office.

A fresh start.  So excited and proud of myself.

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