Weekend Mash-up

OK, so with the move coming (this weekend!) I’ve been busy the past couple weeks and haven’t posted all the stories and pics that have been piling up… so he’s a little mash-up of what’s been going on…

YaYa Weekend. Avery spent a Saturday with Grampy while I spent the day with the ladies of the Valyou family for our yearly weekend celebrating Grandma’s birthday (history of the YaYas here).  


We spent the day at a house on the lake, playing card and board games, Grandma went fishing, she also beat me at a game of War at breakfast, we hit up the Magic Hat Brewery festival going on and got lots yummy samples.
We took a nice fall walk along the lake and found a very fun tree house that Grampy now has to build for Avery.
Avery had such a fun time with Grampy that when I came back to give him his bath and pack up to leave, he threw a fit.  A full on, terrible twos, screaming and kicking and laying on the floor fit because I told him it was time to stop playing trains and take a bath.  He was NOT happy I interrupted his time with Grampy!

Packing & Chucky’s Weekend. Last weekend, Grammy and Grampy came down to help pack.  We took our traditional Saturday morning walk to Dunkin’s which Avery is always thrilled about because he eats MiMi’s sausage and gets a chocolate munchkin.
On our walk back, Avery ditched the stroller and walked with Grammy and Grampy.
While Grampy was busily fixing the two broken window panes at the house (we need to fix before selling-Thanks Dad!), MiMi and I took Avery on a play date with my girlfriends and their kids – at Chuck E Cheese!  I don’t know about you, but I had never been… they don’t have these in Vermont, but oh man was it fun!  They had a toddler section with games Avery could play himself.
Avery’s little friend Alexa played with him and they even rode the teacup together.
Avery and MiMi played air hockey together, we had pizza, and before we knew it, we had been there 2 1/2 hours!  And it was super affordable too.  $10 in tokens lasted us the whole time and we had lots leftover and gave them away.  And the food we got my friend had coupons for, yay!

Back at the house, Grampy and Avery played while MiMi and I packed.
Then we hit up Ikea for a few items we’ll need for the new place and went to dinner after – a dinner where Avery stayed in the booth and had a grand time playing with his food…


Moving Weekend!  This weekend we move to our new apartment.  I’m both excited and scared to death.  I am excited because it’s a new start for Avery and I.  We’ll be much closer to work and daycare, so less time in a car and more time together.  But I’m scared because this is the first apartment I’ve had just for myself – yes, Avery is with me, but he isn’t exactly contributing to the bills, haha.  I’ve always had roommates or lived with boyfriends, so this is my first real place I’m paying for all myself – but I’m ready for it.  We have a budget and are gonna do just fine!  So, we’ll be MIA this weekend, busily moving, and when we come back I’ll share more about our new place…


Where should I ship him?  🙂  Happy Friday, everyone.


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