Birthday Pickings X2

On Avery’s REAL birthday, Sunday, after his party on Saturday, we took Avery on a Vermont Fall tradition – Apple Picking!  We went to Chapin Orchards, where we’ve been going as a family for, well since I can remember.  When we got there, Avery was thrilled and ran over yelling ‘pumpkins!’


And then this little tee-pee made of vines caught his eye and it took forever to get him out… he had to have each of us (Mom, Dad, Sis, and I) join him inside.


We got our bag and headed out to the trees… but again were distracted, because they had chickens!


Then it was time for Avery to pick his first apple… and he did it all by himself…


He chomped right into it too!


The fall foliage was so pretty and what a gorgeous day!  And so many apples!!!



Avery even got to climb up a couple trees with the help of Grampy…


and Aunt Sarah…



Then MiMi took Avery on a hay ride and man was he thrilled about that!  A perfect adventure for a fall birthday boy!

This past weekend, we joined our neighbors and their family and kids on another apple picking adventure, this time in Mass.  We were cebrating Sienna’s (turning 3) birthday. We went to the Belkin Lookout Farm, and it was much more than what I was expecting… much different than VT apple picking…

First, we arrived and had to pay admission… what?!  Luckily, Avery was free so for $14 we were in.. and man were there lots of people.  Avery spotted the ‘train’ right off… a train style trolley that loaded people in and drove them around to stops in the orchard.  Pretty cool. Here we are all piled in together…

After a couple stops, we got off at the children’s play area… and let me tell you, it was like a kids carnival in the middle of a field.  There were camel rides, a petting zoo, play places, a bouncy house, pavillions with people playing music… it was awesome.  Avery and his girlfriend buddy Sienna, headed off to play together…holding hands (awe!)


Avery played in a play place, then he spotted the catipillar ride and asked to ride…

This ATV pulled this Caterpillar around the play area.  All the kids were strapped in and were gone – a ride all by himself!  He was so happy and didn’t want to get off.  He rode it a second time later that day.


We went in a maze, played on some obstacles, and pet some animals…




Then we were off on a hay ride… such a pretty view.


Avery was thrilled to see the tractor pulling the hay wagon.


Our friends snagged a great photo of us on the hay ride together.IMG_1781

Avery loved to look out at the trees and point out birds and apples along the way.



After hours at the play area, and snagging some chips and a hot dog for $5, we finally went apple picking.  We didn’t bring a bag home, as we still have one from VT apple picking, but Avery did pick and eat 2 apples while our friends picked and filled their bags.  Not bad for a day out for under $20!

That should conclude our apple picking for the year… 🙂  Happy Fall!

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