Backseat Driver

Since Avery turned 2, he’s now facing forward in his car seat, and car rides have changed from him crying for his ‘bubba’ to him singing, coloring, and telling me how to drive!


We spend about an hour in the car a day together – 15 minutes to daycare in the morning and 30-45 minutes fighting traffic the 5 miles it takes to bring him home at night.  It was NOT fun for Avery when he was facing backwards – I couldn’t hand him toys because I couldn’t reach back to him and he couldn’t see anything, except me in his mirror.

NOW, he sees everything and I can even hand him his breakfast or a coloring book.  He has this cool Melissa and Doug Water color book and pen with letters and objects that he loves and keep him occupied.  He will color an object and proudly yell “Apple!”

Then there’s the back seat driving.  We spend our drives looking for trucks and busses.  Avery gets so excited and points at them and when they are getting further away from us, he says things like this last night – “Oh No! Bus.  Mommy, Get it!”  He’s such a riot!


Then the week or two after his birthday, he was really big into singing happy birthday and pretending to blow out a candle…

We have even have fun car games we play – There’s lots of buses when we drive home, and on the back of most of them is a Little Debbie ad with a kid eating an oatmeal cookie.  During a ride, Avery said ‘cookie’ and I proceeded to tell him no cookies until after dinner, but he wouldn’t stop about the cookie – until I realized it was on the bus in front of us.  Then Avery would point at the cookie, say ‘cookie. num num num!’ and pretend to eat a cookie like the Cookie Monster.  Then he would say, ‘Mommy cookie’ and I would pretend to eat it.  So now we drive around looking for cookies on buses…

Happy Friday.

2 thoughts on “Backseat Driver

  1. He looks so happy as a back seat driver. Oh the days of being a rear faced back seat driver. Hell for us parents sometimes. Or at least for me when Lili would scream cry and I couldn’t help her.

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