5 Little Words

There are moments as a parent.  Moments of joy and love, moments of frustration and complete exhaustion.  And most days I experience one extreme to the other.  Like last night’s grocery shopping experience with Avery… the now 2 year old is testing my limits and defining the term ‘Terrible Twos.’  A lot of patience and a couple cheese balls later, we were happily pushing our loaded cart out of the store.  Yea, at one point we were THAT family – the one with the kicking and screaming toddler because he wanted to run down the aisles and his mean Mommy wouldn’t let him unless he held her hand or sat in the cart. But those moments pass quickly – and I’ve learned to not let them get to me.  Yeah, it was tough, but Avery is learning to listen to Mommy and Mommy is learning that although tough times might get messy with a toddler fit, we can get through it and come out smiling – literally.  The kid was thrilled when he was rewarded with cheese balls on the ride out.

Then there are moments like this morning… I’m driving Avery to daycare and Avery is in the back seat, now forward-facing (because he is 2) and looking around at all the traffic and buildings while munching on his cheerios.  We are stopped at a light and I see a bus go by us.  From the back seat, I hear… “Bus. How Many? One. Two.”


Jaw drops. Smile fills my face.  And just to make sure, I looked and indeed there were two buses in a row.  How cool is that?!  Five words in a row that all made sense and he counted!!! Proud Momma moment!  Yeah yeah it was only two numbers but that’s the first time he’s counted alone without instruction and it made sense!  Yay, Avery!  Moments like that stay with me for hours, days.  They make me so proud to be Avery’s Mommy and so thankful I get to share both good and difficult moments together… because moments like this give me the patience for those difficult grocery store trips, haha!

More moments to share soon… including Avery’s second birthday…


Happy Tuesday!


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