Happy Birthday to me!

Today I turn TWENTY-EIGHT. 28. My day started off at 4:20am when Avery decided to wake up all bright eyed and bushy tailed… I got him to go back to sleep and had some nice birthday morning snuggles with him…


So, today’s my birthday – and I have more than that to celebrate –  I have some exciting news…


We signed the P&S this week, which means the next big date is November 1st, which is the closing and date we need to be completely out of the house.  That being said, I’ve been scrambling to find an apartment for Avery and I….


After much number crunching, emails, phone calls, and three tours, I’ve found us a new home!  A new Ratnam Residence.  It doesn’t have a yard or garage, but what it does have is a homey feel.  I could tell as soon as I walked in, that it would be ‘home’ for Avery and I – Even with the Realtor blabbing about how small it was and she had a larger unit available for more $.  I wasn’t interested in more space – it’s the perfect size for 1 1/2 people.  Avery will love it – maybe not as much as he’s going to love the playground outside his front door, but he’ll love the inside too.

I put the deposit down this morning – so it’s a done deal!  3 1/2 weeks from now we’ll be moved into our new home that’s…wait for it…. 2 miles from work!  And 2 1/2 miles from Avery’s new school!  Say goodbye to the 3 hour daily commute!  More time for Avery and Mommy!  Oh man, my Mom and Dad are gonna miss all my phone calls while I sit in traffic!


Avery’s current school is amazing.  If we weren’t moving out of the south shore and closer to work, I would keep him there.  But logistically, it doesn’t make sense.  Sooooo that being said – his new daycare is amazing.  He’ll be in the same age group classroom (2-2.9 year olds).  They have a huge park and playground, piano lessons, movement classes, field trips to the library, and an amazing staff – some that have been there 5, 7 , and 10 years!


With the stress of the divorce, I slacked on the gym for a while.  I’ve been back at it the past 3 weeks and feeling great.  I work out at least 3 days a week and have even been doing weight training one day a week with a friend.  In a month, it’ll mark 1 year since I’ve been trying to get back in shape.  Since then, I’ve lost 17 1/2lbs.  Seriously.  So proud of myself and love feeling great!


Sneaky little Avery sent me flowers and a bear (which I’m sure he will claim as his) at work this morning…


They smell soooo good!  And my amazing coworkers gifted me a nail salon and baby sitting certificates! Woo hoo!!!


Oh and cake and a card and more flowers!!!

I have the best job and coworkers!!!  Thanks Cathlina, Tom, Andrew, Phylis, Alisha, Danielle, and Kelly!  Oh and I got a birthday card already this week in the mail (I love getting mail!!!) Thanks Nana!

During such a difficult transition time in our life – there’s some pretty crummy stuff to be upset about, but all that aside, I’m pretty thankful and excited for all that’s going for us and the amazing friends and family by our side.  It’ a great day to celebrate.  Oh and since Avery’s birthday is this weekend, I’m making Pillsbury donuts ($2.50 box from the grocery store) for Avery’s birthday treat to bring to school tomorrow.  It’ll be a fun night of baking and packing because tomorrow night we’re off to VT for the weekend… Avery’s 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday and Apple Picking on Sunday!

Happy Birthday to me!  What do you do to celebrate your birthday?


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. so glad you found a great apartment! I was thinking about all that. The shorter commute will feel so amazing, you will have all this extra time on your hands! 🙂

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Meghan. I feel that this is going to be a wonderful and great year for you. I’m so happy that your commute is so close by. Now you can totally run in the AM before work. YAY!!!

    • Hi Rachel! You are sooo right! I can plop Avery in the jogger and go for a run before work now!!! woohoo! We don’t move for another 3 weeks… so time to pack it up and move!!!

  3. Happy late Birthday, Meghan! So glad you had a great day, and I can’t wait to hear all about Avery’s birthday too!

    And yay for the new apartment! I’m sure you’ll make it feel like home in no time!

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