42K x 30: Month 10 Update

Well, as you may have guessed, paying my student loans down have taken a back seat the past couple months, understandably.  I’m still making minimum payments (cuz I have to), but in a couple months when Avery and I settle down in a new place, after the house sells, we can get back on track.


  • Starting Balance: $35941.22(8/1/13)
  • End Balance: $35700.00 (8/31/13)
  • Paid Towards Loans: $392.72
  • Interest Paid: $141.91
  • Principle Paid: $250.81

I’m closing in on the $35K mark!  It’s soooo close and I’d love to just throw $1000 at it and be under, but I don’t have the money right now.  I can barely get the minimums paid now… so in due time I’ll be back at it!

August Goals

  1. Pay minimum on other Sallie Mae Loans CHECK!
  2. $40 bi weekly to VSAC Loans CHECK!

September Goals

  1. Pay minimum on other Sallie Mae Loans 
  2. $40 bi weekly to VSAC Loans

Nothing changes for my short term goals… postponing them for now…

Short Term Goals  Pay off this loans in this order (deadline)

  • 1-08 @ 6.55% (February ’13): $0
  • 1-07 @ 6.55% (April Jul Dec ’13): $714
  • 1-05 @ 6.55% (2014): $3043
  • 1-06 @ 6.55% (2014): $4911

So, another month without extra payments… but at least I had enough $ to pay the minimums… gotta think positive!  Money is very tight right now so I am just thankful I can keep up on these while times are tough.  Yeah, the interest is stacking up… but it’s better than missing a payment…eek!  Staying positive….

Are you totally bored of me blabbing about my student loans every month?  If not, read these and then I’m sure you will be…


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