A Sunday

If you had fun reading about our Saturday this past weekend, wait until you see what we did on Sunday!

7:00 AM We’re up with the sun and thanks to our grocery trip Saturday, we had lots of goodies to choose from to make a warm Sunday breakfast.


On the menu this morning was mini pancakes, sausage, and eggs!  Avery wasn’t impressed with the pancakes, but he did try them!  He was all about the sausage and had some of the eggs.

8:00 After breakfast, we got dressed and brushed our teeth, and we took Rufus out for a walk (our friends’ dog we dog-sat for the weekend).


We did our mile loop and met a couple dogs along the way.  And oh man, I thought travelling with a toddler was a handful… this dog stopped every 5 seconds!  Sniffing this and checking out that… but he did keep Avery occupied, so I can’t complain.  And oh man my legs were sore from the day before at the gym, so the walk did me good too!

8:30 Back at the house Avery went to work on the lawn… see the tracks he made in the grass?  He was so pleased with himself!

I had to have him call it quits because the grass was still wet and his sneakers and socks were getting wet.

9:00 Choo Choo!  We took our playing inside and played with Avery’s Thomas the Train set for a while.  Little does he know, he’s going to have lots of new tracks and trains in a couple weeks for his birthday coming up…

9:30 Cleaning Time!  Since were didn’t show the house at all this past week, I didn’t do any cleaning… so it was time to do a clean sweep of the house.  Avery LOVES the vaccuum “Back-UM” as he calls it.  We went to town on the 3 area rugs in the house… he helped push it and run away from it laughing.  Silly kid.

Then we swept a little bit and before we knew it, it was warm and dry outside so we could go back out!

10:00 Snack time outside!

Avery loves his pops!  And then we were off… riding his bike from Me-Me and Grampy.  They gave this to him at Easter and he is finally tall enough to reach the pedals and try pedaling.

10:30 We’re off to the park!  Rufus tagged along and met Lilly, a little Shitzu we see all the time.  Avery and I played on the swings and he even made me climb thru the tunnel with him… “COME MOMMA’ So demanding!


We spent some time in a tree…


And then back to the house because it was time for Rufus to go home.  We played in the sand box for a bit before heading in for lunch…

12:00 PM Lunch. Read Books. Nap.

12:30 Avery’s down.  Time for Momma to work!  In the next hour and 15 minutes, my kitchen looked like this…


Some music and lots of food… I prepped 6 meals for the week… Sunday – Friday.  All different ones.  I have been wanting to do this for sooo long but never found the time.  It only took an hour though, because I used the stove and oven at the same time and cooked everything at the same time.


Avery woke up and stumbled into the kitchen as I was packaging them up.  Perfect timing!  And like that, my cooking for the week was done!  That means more time every night with Avery and less time cooking and scrambling to make a meal when we get home at 6PM on a weeknight.


#FeelingAccomplished !!!

2:00 Another pop snack (it was a hot day!) and watching cars on the front stoop…

We saw the neighbor our with her dogs, so Avery had to go say hello and we played with them for a while.

2:30 We were off to the park again and thanks to the teenage kids that leave a mess, Avery saw a Slush Puppy cup and after that you know what we had to get…


A BLUE slush puppy!  Some was happy…

3:30 Back inside to play blocks!  We are working on colors and shapes and stacking blocks as opposed to just knocking them down!





Then it was time to color for a bit and people watch out the window…



5:00 Out for a walk before dinner…


5:45 An early dinner, bath, books, and bed.  Avery was asleep at 7:30PM and didn’t wake up until 6:30 Monday morning!  I think I tuckered him out!

Yay for a fun weekend together!  I was whipped though and asleep by 9PM myself… but feeling so good… a fun weekend with Avery and all our meals are already cooked for the week… woo hoo!

Do you prep food for the week beforehand?  What’s your strategy?


7 thoughts on “A Sunday

  1. I do prep lunches and some breakfasts for the week on Sundays! I didn’t do it this week because we’ve been on vacation and so far it’s a LOT more of a hassle to worry about it every day than it is to take a couple of hours on one day and just do it. Looks like you had a good weekend!

  2. Sounds like you two had a great weekend together!! I’m so impressed with all you were able to accomplish and still be able to have plenty of play time with Avery!

    I WISH I prepped dinners like this, but I don’t:( I make our granola for the week, Annabel’s fruit puree for her yogurt, and sometimes a batch of muffins. Then there’s always melon and strawberries to chop up for the week, and sometimes I’ll chop up the veggies, like Fen said, which makes it easier when I’m doing the cooking with Annabel underfoot. But prepping the whole meal in advance?! That’s so awesome…well done!

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