A Saturday

This past weekend, Avery and I spent the whole weekend together, just the two of us.  I snapped pictures of our adventures together so we can look back on days like this…

6:30AM I’m laying in bed, enjoying sleeping in. I hear Avery’s footsteps.  He walks into my room, pacifier in his mouth, half open eyes, blankey in hand.  I snatch him up and before I can get the IPad out, he demands ‘Choo Choo’.  We snuggle in bed for a couple episodes of Thomas the Train.


7:00 After some Apple Jacks and milk in bed with Thomas, it’s time to cook a warm weekend breakfast.  ‘Eggies’ and ‘Straw-Bees’ were on the menu this morning.  And the little man ate ALL of the eggs!


7:30 We got dressed and brushed our teeth.


8:00 We hit the gym!


Avery was very clingy when I brought him to the daycare childcare center.  I stayed with him for 10 minutes until he was engrosed in coloring and Elmo.  Then I was off with my friend Jarrod who was on a mission.  I told him I wanted to work on my glutes, so we did squats for 1/2 an hour.  Oh my word.  I am sooooo sore!  We started with just the bar, 45lbs, and worked up to 125lbs.  Seriously.  I did 2 squats with 125 lbs.  Crazy!  When I picked Avery up afterwards, he didn’t want to leave the daycare!  He made this pretty picture for me:


9:00 We went home so I could shower quick, pack our baby bag and then we were off to pickup Rufus – our friends’ dog we dog-sat for the weekend.  Avery was thrilled when he and Rufus shared the back seat.


10:00 We arrived for our play date with Avery’s friend, Emmett, from daycare.  Emmett was thrilled for Avery to be over.  The kid was rambling on and squealing.  It was adorable.  Avery was a bit shy, until he saw Emmett’s toys.  After a little indoor play, we packed the kiddos up and took them, and the dog, for a walk to a park at the beach.


The boys threw rocks into the water, slide down the slide, played in the sand, shared toys, had a couple meltdowns (they’re still learning to share), and had lunch together.



Emmett’s Mommy and I got to talk while the boys played.  The boys are only a few weeks apart in age so it was great to share in our triumphs and struggles as we approach the terrible twos!

12:00PM We loaded back into the car and wished Emmett and his mommy goodbye.  Before we were home, Avery was passed out – and yes, I timed that for his nap perfectly!

12:30 While Avery was snoozing, I did some laundry and dishes for an hour.


Then I sat down for my own lunch and watched 1/2 a movie.


2:00 Avery’s up!  He snacked on some Craisins while watching a video Me-Me got him.  He did not like Dora, but he likes Blues Clues.  He’s kinda hooked on Thomas and Elmo but I’m trying to expand his exposure to kids shows…


2:30 We took Rufus out in the yard and Avery (tried) to play fetch with him…




Then we were off to the park!



We colored while Rufus hung out in the shade.  That’s Me-Me’s truck by the way, with Grampy in the back seat.  Then it was back to the yard for some mowing…



We came inside for a snack and Avery was so worried Rufus would get his cracker that he had to get away from him…


4:00 We left Rufus at the house for an hour while we went grocery shopping!  We were lucky and got a “car” cart.  And oh man, was that the best shopping trip, EVER.  Avery stayed in the car, was honking the horn and making noises, smiling and waving at all the ladies we passed, and halfway thru he saw a display for goldfish so he got to munch on them while I finished up.  He even helped me put all our groceries on the belt…


If you look closely, in that picture he’s sneaking two bags of M&Ms onto the belt…

5:00 Back home to unpack the groceries and make dinner while the Avery and Rufus ran around the house.

6:00 Dinner.  Rice and chicken.  Avery loves his rice.  He wouldn’t touch the chicken, little bugger.


6:20 Desert on the front stoop, so we can watch the cars and TRUCKS! go by…


6:30 Bathtime!


7:00 PJs, and brush our teeth.


7:15 All ready for bed…


So we did our usual reading…


7:30 Bedtime.


Avery only got up a couple times (out of his toddler bed) so by 8, he was out.  I picked up the house, cleaned up after dinner, and relaxed in bed…finished the rest of my movie and got some much needed sleep.

If you thought that was a full day, wait until you see our Sunday!

How was your weekend?!


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