Quick 5!

High Five for Friday!  Too quick to do the usual link-up party but here are 5 photos from our week.  Enjoy and happy weekend!

1. My Artist


2. Birthday Invitations Sent!…with muscle car stamps!  It’s funny… most the stamps are very girly with flowers… had a nice chat with the guy at the post office about it… haha!


3. Evening Playtime! We played chalk, hop scotch, and visited the park this week!


4. Playing with our Food  Avery loves ‘new-news’ aka noodles… and has fun putting the whole thing in his mouth and slurping it.


5. I’m Stuck! I had to snag this picture when Avery got his foot caught in the chalk box… the box he carries everywhere outside and even puts his hummer truck inside with the chalk.  He was so mad and freaked out when he couldn’t get his foot out of the box…


Happy Friday – the 13th!  Anyone have any bad luck today?  I thought I was having a good day until daycare called… Avery was biting in school today.  He’s never done that before and my cousin tells me (after I asked her advice on what to do) says kids bite because they are trying to communicate, so I just have to figure out what he’s trying to communicate and teach him to talk or do something other than bite!  I’ll have a talk and do some non-biting teaching this weekend…any other suggestions?!

We have a play date or two planned for the weekend, a trip to the gym, and grocery shopping.  Happy weekend!


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