Life Happens

I’ve been meaning to post about Avery’s sleep training in his toddler bed, give a monthly update on him (23 months!), write about birthday planning, and share our recent trip to Vermont… but as it happens, life has kept us pretty busy the past month.  We’re selling our house (Yeah, the deal is going thru!), going thru a divorce, I’m juggling working full-time, started a weekly night class, and caring for Avery full-time (with the help of daycare!).

We’re managing, and actually having some fun and really good days, but my to-do list of everyday tasks is growing, stress about the divorce gets to me some days, and work is beyond busy!  I no longer take time to write on the blog at lunch because I work through lunch.  Mainly because it’s too busy to stop working, or I have to makeup time for leaving early for something like getting new tires or going to a meeting with my lawyer.

I love this blog, and I will maintain it, but right now, it’s taken a back seat.  Avery comes first.  I spend every free second outside of work with him.  We have fun drawing with chalk, playing with the neighbor’s kids, and just goofing off at home doing the normal eating, bathing, sleeping routine.  Then when the house is quiet and he’s asleep, I go to work… bills, cleaning (keeping a clean staged house EVERY day is crazy hard!), keeping up on laundry and dishes, making birthday invitations, doing paperwork for the divorce… it’s never ending. My to-do list keeps growing.  And that’s OK.  Some days I have no energy left to do anything, but other days I can bust out a bunch of things off my list.

We’re making due.  Avery is happy and healthy and a thriving toddler doing something new every day!  What else could I ask for?  Well, not being in a messy divorce and 250 miles from all my friends and family…. but it’ll all work out.  I just get by taking it one day at a time. For instance, I spent 1.5 hours commuting to work today (Ugh!), but I accomplished a bunch at work, did a quick grocery shopping trip for fresh fruits for Avery at ‘lunch’, I have a meeting with my lawyer this afternoon, then it’s off to pickup Avery because we have a play date this afternoon!  Then when Avery settles down I’ll clean up the house, send out some bills, catch up on some work at home, and hopefully get enough sleep for me to make it through tomorrow.  I’ll even treat myself to 10 minutes of Candy Crush on my IPad before bed – so addicting!

So, although I’d love write about everything we’ve been up to… I don’t have time to recap it all right now.  They’ll be time for frequent posting when we’re settled into our new life.  So until then, here are a few fun pictures of this past week and the fun we’ve been having together and with family and friends in Vermont:

I got new tires!!! I was WAY overdue for them!  All these trips to VT on old tires is NOT safe!  So with a phone call to a friend, he hooked us up with these shiny ones!

With all the house showings every day, Avery and I have a few afternoons at the park, keeping clear of the people trampsing thru our house…


Avery loves coloring, especially in the bath tub.  I ran out of his bathtub crayons and couldn’t find any more at the store… so what do you know… regular crayons work just fine!


Avery spent a whole morning in Grampy’s garden.  He helped pull up potatoes (which Avery actually ate for dinner!), and he loves it so much that we always have to carry him or coax him out of there!


Avery saw his friend, Pumba, my Grandma’s ginea pig, last weekend.  Avery tortured the poor thing… not really but he kept driving a car on Pumba.. haha.


Sunday morning, Avery made cookies with Me-Me… he helped with every step!  I have 20 pictures to prove it!


We gave a bunch to my cousin, Tessa, and she liked them so I think they turned out good!  And Avery was so proud!


At 23 months, Avery is going thru a growth spurt… he’s into size SEVEN childrens’ shoes.  He is wearing out his current pair, so Me-Me had to get him a new one and after trying differnent ones, Avery HAD to get the ‘Blue’ ones.  According to Avery, everything is Blue.  Avery, what color is this banana? He replies ‘Blue’….. everything is ‘blue’!


Football season has started!  I enjoyed a nice run on my parents treadmill Saturday night while watching college ball and then Sunday we all, including Avery’ watched the Pats game.


It’s getting colder!  Avery LOVES wearing a hoodie.  This morning he was upset because the sweatshirt I put on him didn’t have a ‘hat’… but we still get outside and enjoy the chilly weather.  I draw roads for Avery to ‘drive’ on…


And speaking of growing… Avery is eating like a feene!  And he’s such a big boy…uses utensils and drinks from a real cup!


OK I don’t have time to correct the orientation of this… but I guess it attests to how goofy Avery and I are… Having a pop for desert after dinner sitting on the front stoop together watching cars go by…


And my latest project… Avery’s birthday invitations.  All sealed and ready to go… you’ll see them in the mail in a couple days!


So much to share and so little time… more coming soon 🙂


7 thoughts on “Life Happens

  1. love it all! Its hard to keep up with a blog, we understand dont worry! Hopefully before you know it your life will have calmed down a bit and you can get back at it. I am totally envious that you got to run on a treadmill while watching TV! Your parents basement is awesome! This winter its going to be hard to keep me from buying a treadmill myself. Oh and Averys new shoes are the best! Good to see you guys and I keep dowing those cookies, I think they are perfect for a pre-run snack…and post run… and breakfast 😉

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