H54F: SOLD! (Almost)

Happy Friday!  It’s a long weekend, so we’re headed up to VT for some lakeside camping at my Aunt and Uncles house on Lake Champlain, and I’ll be hitting up a friend’s BBQ with my hot date (my sister!).  Avery is excited to see Me-Me and Grampy and the dogs and he is gonna be thrilled if we get to go kayaking again – he loved that on the cape.

As usual, we had a busy and exciting week at the RatnamResidence.  Here are 5 highlights from the week:

1. SOLD! (Almost)

It only took 3 days on the market before we got the first offer on the house.  It was exciting to get an offer, but man was it a disappointing offer – $20K under asking price.  I wasn’t expecting asking price, but that was a low ball offer and I know the house is worth much more!  We countered $5K under our asking, and they only came up $2K, then after we stuck to our guns and said we wanted at least $10K under asking, they came up another grand.  Not pleased, so my realtor worked some magic and they came back with $10K under asking -so we accepted it!
Now we have to wait for the home inspection and hope it all goes thru.  There was another showing at the house this morning, just to keep our options open in case this sale falls thru.  So, I had another fun night and morning getting the house spic and span (with a toddler!) before we left for work/school.  It’s nice having such a clean house, but man I spend 2 hours a day just keeping it cleaned up after hurricane Avery rolls thru!  It’ll be worth it though when the house sells!

2. Wedding Photos!

My cousin got her wedding photos back and we watched a video slide show of them Saturday night.  They came out amazing!  Here is one with me and the beautiful bride!


That wedding was so much fun and I am so happy my cousins had a beautiful day and have gorgeous photos to remember it by.  Now what am I supposed to do with this Fushia bridesmaid dress, Chrissy!?! JOKING! As horrid as some bridemaid dresses are, the pink and orange and white from the wedding was so pretty.  We all looked amazing!

3. Taco Night!

Have I mentioned how picky of an eater Avery is?  Well, this kid has odd taste buds, cuz he LOVES spicy food.  Last night we had tacos and he was THRILLED!IMG_0025

He ate a taco shell, buffalo chicken rice and seasoned ground turkey taco meat.  And he drank his milk from a real cup!  Although most dinners are a fight with Avery, we do have the few that are really enjoyable and I marvel at how much he’s grown and love special times with him like dinner together at the table.

4. Coloring!

There isn’t a morning or afternoon that went by this week that Avery wasn’t coloring something….

He loves using chalk on the sidewalk, coloring in the bathtub, at his table in his room, in the office at my desk, oh and on the walls of the office.  Yep.  That happened.

5. Champ!

Last weekend we had a blast at a Lake Monsters game with friends and family.  Avery even got his shirt signed by Champ, the mascot.  My cousin sent this picture to me she snagged of the signing…

Happy Friday and long weekend!  We’ll be back with pictures next week of our fun weekend in VT on the lake!
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