Happy Friday!  It’s been a while since I’ve been in the mood to celebrate High Five for Friday (join the link up party with Lauren, here). I had a great week, at work, at home, with the love and support of my family.  So why not celebrate it?!  Here are a few highlights from this past week:

1. Wedding Weekend!

Last weekend, my cousin and long time fiance (FINALLY) got married!  And I was in the wedding party, so this has been a busy couple months with the shower, bachelorette, wedding planning, etc. I had fun with my Mom prepping lots of the goodies for the wedding and last Friday we hiked up to VT to celebrate.

We prepped and decorated the reception area…


And I even DIY’d her wedding programs…


We had gorgeous weather… and it all went smooth… well, until the groom forgot his vows in his truck and had to run and get them…


I had such a great time getting to know these ladies the past few months ❤


And isn’t this shot pretty awesome?!


So happy for my cousins, Mr & Mrs Valyou 🙂  Oh and I had a pretty amazing weekend at the wedding too – it was nice to be with friends and family all weekend 🙂

Oh and Avery had fun all weekend with Grammy and Grampy and he even got a ride on a big bike from the Bride’s Dad…


2. Fun with the Neighbors!

Three afternoons this week, we’ve come home and spent an hour or more next door with the neighbor’s kids – coloring chalk and riding bikes.


Seinna is almost 3, and her brother, Preston is 5, so the kids have fun playing together.  I even made a racetrack for then to drive around on their bikes, so much fun!


3. Toddler Bed Sleep Training

Well, we are on week 3 of the toddler bed and still haven’t mastered it.  I’m trying something new this week and it worked well the first night, the second night, not so much.  We’re gonna keep working on it though.

I was sitting next to him and waiting for him to fall asleep, but the second I got up to leave, he would wake up.  This resulted in me falling asleep on the floor or in the rocking chair a couple nights and took 2 hours one night earlier this week.  Wasn’t doing that anymore!  So now I’m sitting outside his room, with the door open and he climbs out of bed and comes out, I put him back in bed. repeat. first night was only 20 times of putting him back and 25 minutes.  Last night took 40+ times and 45 minutes.  Let’s hope he gets the picture and it’ll be less tonight.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Oh and Avery still wakes up a little too early every AM and I can’t resist cuddling with him for a bit before we start our day…


Some days he passes back out so I can get myself ready before he’s up and running around.

4. Mornings with Avery

I love my mornings with Avery.  When he was younger, it was tough because he wanted to be held and picked up.  Now we have quite an agreeable routine.  We wake up, grab his milk and apple jacks.  He sits on his step stool eating while I shower and dress.  And most days we have a fiasco of toys or food on the floor..


I can’t help but laugh though.. because it’s no big deal and he thinks its soo funny and starts yelling ‘oh no! oh no!’

5. Clean House!

I’ve spent the past couple weeks cleaning the house and prepping it to sell.  Little by little.  Some nights I don’t have time because Avery takes forever to fall asleep and then I have to clean up the mess from dinner and wash dishes and do laundry.  But some nights I’ve had time to pack stuff away.  Avery’s Room is all clean and organized and it’s stayed that way for a week.




The living room is also done, and the dining room is allllmost done.  Soon it’ll be ready to sell!

What were your highlights from the week?


13 thoughts on “H54F

  1. hey i forgot to tell you that I heard you should stick to whatever new you introduce to a child for at least 4 days, sleep wise. So it sounds like you are half way there already! I guess that gives them enough time to ‘get it’ , maybe 😉 But it sounds like the new technique will be best for both of you. Plus you get a great workout with all those reps- squats off the floor, bicep curl baby, walk, sit down, repeat… 😉

    • LOL! That’s so funny you say that cuz I get thru each night by knowing I’m getting a workout, lol! I’ll let you know how we’re doing after day 4 🙂

  2. You’re selling your house?!? Are you guys moving far or staying close by? I want to hear more about this move!! I’m sure all of the home improvement projects you guys did will help it sell fast! Happy Weekend! 🙂

    • Hi Adrianne. Yes- it goes on the market this coming weekend. EEEk!!! I spent the past week cleaning house …with a sick kiddo. Avery has a little virus so it’s been a tough week and weekend… but we’re making due! Not sure where were are moving yet…. Texas isn’t exactly on the list, so don’t get your hopes up! 🙂

    • Thank you! I love the green in his room…. and I picked it because it was neutral (Avery was a surprise) and because my sis was a Psch major and did some color research for me and the green was supposed to be calming for babies.

  3. Selling your house, wow doing that wit a toddler is bound to stress anyone out. Hope it goes well, and…chin up, you’re doing great, he will sleep, eventually, just try to be as consistent as you can (I know that’s hard) and he will get the message.

  4. That’s so awesome that you have neighbors to play with! That’s something that my kids don’t have. They don’t seem to mind, but I love the idea of having kids to play with! Keep up the good work on the sleep training. Eventually it’ll click that his bed is for sleeping and that’s what he HAS to do. Summer is hard at our house because it’s still light out.

    • Yeah, we are very lucky to have kids around. Especially since Avery doesn’t have siblings. And yeah, I get you on the daylight at bed time in the summer… I put a sheet over avery’s curtain to make his room darker lol. ill do anything to get him to sleep!

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