22 Months

It’s been a busy few weeks.  I’m just finally getting around to this post – even though Avery turned 22 months 2 weeks ago!  Here’s an update on what my little man has been up to…


Avery is only 2 inches away from being 3 feet tall!  He’s 26 pounds and wears toddler sizes 2-3. He’s wearing size 6 shoes and has a pair of 7’s that he’s almost into!


Avery is still super picky when it comes to food.  He’d eat cookies and popscicles all day if Mommy let him.


He still loves his meat, cheese, and rice.  Getting him to eat fruits is difficult at times but he usually won’t refuse a Strawberry or apple.  Veggies are a no go, still.  I try to supplement with furit & veggie juices, but seriously he’s gotta eat something with color!


Oh and he has figured out how to unstrap himself from his high chair so he’s now officially eating at the table with me in his booster seat for every meal.  Such a big boy!

Okay, this whole sleep training with a toddler bed has become the thorn in my side.  It took me 2 hours to put Avery to bed last night.  After much crying (on both our parts) he FINALLY knocked out.  To catch everyone up, about a month ago, Avery learned to climb out of his crib.  Since then, I transformed his crib into a toddler bed with railing and have been trying everything under the sun to get him to fall asleep.


At first he would try to get out of bed, but as long as I’m in the room, he doesn’t do that anymore.  Progress.  But unless I’m sitting next to his bed, he won’t fall asleep.  That will take 30-90 minutes.  And when I think he’s asleep, I get up to leave and he wakes up.  If I leave the room, he gets out of bed and follows me out.  If I close the door so he can’t get out of his room (his room is baby proof and safe), he flips out and just works himself up so he isn’t calm enough to sleep.  So most nights I just sit with him until he falls asleep and still sit there for another 10 minutes to make sure he won’t wake up when I leave.  Other nights when even that doesn’t work I try the door closed thing and bring him back to bed when he gets up.  Still won’t work.  I’ve fallen asleep on the floor, in the rocker, while waiting for him to fall asleep.  It’s not pretty.  This is MUCH harder than getting him to sleep thru the night, a year ago.

For all those Aunts and my Mom that all said to tough it out when Avery was younger because ‘it’ll get better’, that’s all crap!  Avery’s a smarty pants and has his own agenda.  As he gets older this whole parenting thing is getting much much harder!  So, any advice mommies out there?  Help!!!


As hard as nights get around here, Avery’s still pretty awesome.  He loves playing with cars and trains.  We spend hours on the weekend coloring the sidewalk around the house.  He is too cute trying to do hop scotch, lol.  He plays in his sandbox almost daily.  He loves helping me around the house with chores like laundry…


And reorganizing the Tupperware cupboard…


We’ve made good friends with our neighbors who have a 2 and 4 year old.  When we get home from work and daycare, they are in their driveway and yell over ‘AVERY!’ until we come and play with them.  They have lots of kiddie bikes and cars they ride.

Avery has fun visiting Me-Me and Grampy… he loves playing with the toy cars and ramp Grampy made him.

Avery has a new lawn mower that blows bubbles so he loves helping me and Grampy mow the lawn.


And he’s got a mini bat, ball, and tee set that he loves playing with… well he loves hitting it and says ‘go get it!’ for me to get the ball.  It’s like he’s playing fetch with me, haha.  He’s got quite the swing though!  If he keeps this up, he may play for the Red Sox and I’d be set for life!  I can dream….


Oh and swimming!  Avery is a little fish!  We went to a BBQ the other weekend and Avery had a blast in their pool..



Avery is repeating everything!  He puts 2-4 words together on a constant basis.  His favorite word as of late is ‘Bug’… although he first pronounced it ‘Bung’ and then changed to ‘Bugga’… he loves finding ants outside and screaming ‘Bugga!!!’ over and over.  And he went on ‘bug hunts’ over the weekend with Me-Me that he was thrilled about.

Avery says ‘I love you’, knows to say ‘sorry’ and give a hug when he’s hurt someone, and he’s very polite and says ‘please’ when asking for something.

Reading & Writing Coloring & Arithmetic

We read books every night before bed and before naps on the weekend.  Avery has become very good about holding the book himself and turning to certain pages he wants.  He is very opinionated about what books we read, too.  He loves his farm animal sounds book Great Grandma gave him for Christmas, and his plush bug book, and still has to read his truck book EVERY night.
Avery would color all day long if he could – and on every surface.  He’s colored the garage door, the house siding, even my car.  Good thing it’s with chalk and can wash off in the rain.  But I sat with him for an hour on Monday night coloring at his table in this room and had to pry the crayons and paper from him when it was time to eat dinner. We’ve worked on drawings shapes and letters but he still just scribbles.  But when I draw an object, he can go back to it and tell me what it is, whether its a star or truck.

Counting is fun with Avery.  I ask him if he wants one or two M & Ms.  He replies ‘Three!’  And we can line up objects and he knows to point to each one as we count.  Mind you, most of the time he just says ‘three, three, three’ but he’ll catch on, lol.

Another month passed.. only 6 weeks before my little man turns 2!


13 thoughts on “22 Months

  1. the only suggestion I have on the sleep front is I heard sleep sacks can keep kids from crawling out of cribs. But then again it looks like its too late to go back to the crib! Good luck girl!

      • I’ve seen those! A friend actually used that and had great results. Glad you reminded me…we’ll probably try that before going the “toddler bed” route now that I’ve seen how difficult it’s been for you! Eek! So not looking forward to that transition…..

  2. They get big so fast (and by the way, you are freaking me out that Avery’s birthday is in 6-weeks. That just means I’ll be 39+ weeks then. OHHHHH… can you tell I’m not ready? HAHA. Pedro was like, “Um, do you think we could get an extension? He’s nuts. He should try being 40+ weeks pregnant. LOL

    Anyway, Avery’s too cute in all his pics. They’re at such a fun age too. Loving his vocabulary.

  3. Cookies and popsicles… sounds like my little guy! lol… I stopped putting spinach in the pops bc I didn’t like the color. I stumbled upon a combo that makes the dreamists pops… 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup yogurt, 2 frozen bananas, 1 1/2 cup frozen fruits. Blend it all up and pop it in a mold. Caleb loves to help make them… by help make them, I mean he likes to eat the fruit chunks while I make it.

    With the sleep thing, I suggest a mattress on the floor so he can climb on and sleep if you leave the room. When we were sleep training, C would walk around the room, sit by the door, etc but eventually climbs back onto the mattress… sometimes he has his head on the bed and body on the floor. We have a camera in there so can watch him. I think this was around when he was 13 or 14 months old. He has a hard time sleeping if we are in the room with him. Is Avery the same way?

    • If I leave Avery in the room alone, he freaks out. He screams and cries and slams on the door. Then he starts throwing books and toys. He can physically climb into his bed, no problem with that. He’s just being defiant and isn’t comfy unless I’m in the room with him. Oh well. I’ll figure it out… and I have to try that Popsicle recipe – thanks for sharing, Fen!

  4. What a big boy!! His hair is coming in so cute too!

    What is with these picky eaters?! You know what’s funny though….Annabel also hates vegetables, but a few weeks ago, I pulled a bag of frozen veggies out of the freezer and she insisted on having them. I kept telling her that she wouldn’t like them, I needed to cook them, etc, but she was so insistent that I finally gave her some. And then she did the funniest thing….she ate them!! All of them. Frozen. And she loved them. She is a strange kid, but ever since then, that’s how I give her veggies and she actually eats them like that! Whatever works, right? 😉

    • I am not surprised…. when I cook Avery his dinosaur chicken nuggest (frozen but already cooked), he helps me put them on the pan… well he gets distracted and spends 15 minutes knawing on them cuz he loves eating them frozen! I’ll have to try the frozen veggies!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe he is nearly 2! To get Elisabeth to sleep we used the book “Good night, sleep tight” by Kim West, that covers toddler sleeping as well, it’s really good and really helped us out. Home made pops are definately a good way to get some fruit in! You might even get away with blending in a cooked carrot here and there 🙂

    • Thanks, Elske! Some nights are good and I only have to put him back in bed once! Other nights were around 40 back and forths, ugh! I’ll have to look for that book… thanks!

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