Cape Cod Vacation: (Part 2 of 2)

Well, last night was another doosey.  Avery’s toddler bed transition is proving to be another difficult milestone.  Let’s just say I’ve been up since 4:15Am… enough said?  Oh well, I was due for a tough time after our amazing week on Cape Cod. I’ll pick up where I left off

Tuesday was fishing day.  Well, for Grammy and Grampy.  We were all up bright and early to bring them to their fishing boat at the Falmouth Harbor.  It was one thing Dad had really been looking forward to.  I had gone with him 4 years ago, last time we went to the cape.

Avery was not happy to see “MiMi” go.  He kept putting his arms out to have her pick him up.  Sarah and I quickly distracted him by bringing him to this park:


It was designed by the country’s best playground design architectural firm.  It had a nautical theme… boats and ropes everywhere.  There was even a rock climbing wall and a little kid section.

We would have stayed longer, but it was HOT.  And it was only 9am!  Good thing we had plans to hit up the Cape Cod Children’s Museum!  Inside and air conditioned!  We were there when the doors opened… and man was it fun!


There was a farm section that Avery loved.  They had balls and trains, a tree house, a pirate ship… everything a kid could dream of!


We followed Avery around and let him explore and play with other kids.  He was very good about sharing balls with another little girl.  He was a little possessive over the trains though.. and freaked out when another kid took ‘his’ train.  He’s going through this ‘MINE’ stage.. so he thinks everything is ‘MINE’


Aunt Sarah climbed up to the top of this thing with him… and he even went up alone a few times.. you had to climb up throught holes offset on the wooden landing with railings on the right of that photo.. pretty cool.  There was a few pile ups between the kids going up and down, but most other parents were there to coach the kids along and there weren’t too many freak out moments.


We stayed there for over 2 hours, then it was time to pick up Grammy and Grampy, who we just ended up saying hello to and taking their catch because they headed out on an afternoon fishing trip too.  We brought their food back to the house, hung out for a bit, Sarah prepped dinner because we were taking it out with us that night.

We picked Grammy and Grampy up at 5pm, brought them back to the house to change/shower and we packed our bags and headed to a free concert on the green in Hyannis.  So much fun!!! We sat in lawn chairs and on a blanket.  Avery warmed up and ran around, danced, threw a frisbee.  It was so much fun!  Sarah had made chicken salad sandwhiches, yum!  I don’t have any pictures of this, but Sarah has a great video of Avery playing with the frisbee.  We have to do that again!

The next day we hit up another beach.  No pictures from that day… I guess I just had too much fun!  That afternoon my Aunt and her grandson joined us.  It was great to have more people join the fun!  Oh and Avery got a lawn mower from Grammy and Grampy – he mowed the lawn all week!



Thursday my cousin, her kiddos, her mom and neice joined us and we hit a beach on the east side of the cape.  It took an hour to get there but, man was it worth it!!


We are the two umbrellas out front… can you see Grampy sitting in the shade?  He got WAY too much sun on his fishing trip and stayed in the shade most of the beach day.  The rest of us enjoyed the water, sun, and sand…


At low tide the beach spread out so far and there were little pools of water perfect for Avery.  Sarah and I and the other older kiddos did some boogie boarding too.



After a few hours, we were beat and headed back, on the shuttle that took us there from the parking lot.  On the way, Benj (Avery’s 2nd cousin) shared his snack with Avery… too cute!


Back at the house, we prepped a seafood dinner from the fish my parents had caught and some lobsters and mussles or clams… I forget, I didn’t eat it because I hate seafood.  Everyone else loved it!  While the food was prepping, the kiddos had a blast together… Avery and his second cousing Ellery (who is only 2 months older than Avery) had fun in the Kayak…


And Avery even went out with Grampy in the Kayak!  My mom has those pics, but he loved it!  They did some on land kayaking too… like when we went camping and Avery loved the boat… only when it was on dry land.


Friday, our last day we took a trip to Martha’s Vineyard.  We took the Ferry over and used the busses to go around and see three different towns.


Avery enjoyed the ferry ride, but when we got there, oh it was HOT.


The bus was fun too!


I took a few random pics, like this one.  My mom always tells my Grandma ‘it’s me’ when she calls her.  Had to take a picture!


And when we hit Edgartown, we took a pic with my cousins son, Eric, in the same place (and pose) as he took one the year before.


We’re such goofballs!

The ferry ride back we played some hide and seek to keep Avery occupied (it was a 45 min ride!) and other passengers got involved trying to point out to Avery where  I was hiding!


And we even resorted to using phones to keep the kids occupied after a long day…


And that’s it!  My family has tons more pics of the trip, and maybe I’ll share another time… but not now because we’re headed off to VT for our yearly family reunion!!!  This year’s theme… Medieval Times!

Happy Friday!

Do you have family reunions?  How often?  Do you do themes?  The year I was on the committee and planned it we did Survivor Mexico!


9 thoughts on “Cape Cod Vacation: (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Love the pics! Brings back more great childhood memories. Did you end up going to First Encounter Beach? Low tide is awesome because there are miles of discovery pools like the ones you wrote about.
    **Thanks for the tips on the play scape and Children’s Museum, I will have to check those out when we visit our “East Coast” family.

  2. It’s funny we go to the NE to beat the heat here in the SW during Summer. 90 for us is a HUGE break from 104. I’m thrilled the next few days are under 100. 🙂 You’re making me long for NH/ME again! Enjoy your reunion.

      • Lol. I’m one of the few of my friends that will drive in snow. The snow we get though is super wet and then ices over night so I won’t drive in the early morning since they don’t salt the roads or anything. We only get a real snow every few years and then a dusting 2-3 times a year, just enough to put these So-Cal drivers in a panic. 😛

      • Yeah, I can’t imagine what it’s like when your town doesn’t have 1000 snow plows and salting trucks like ours does! What time of year will you get the snow? We get most ours Jan-Feb

  3. Your vacation looks amazing! I am glad that you had such a great time (and will just ignore the bed mess thing you are dealing with for now). I have never been anywhere on the East coast but definitely would love to visit the area sometime!

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