Kicking the Crib: Nights 1 & 2

I knew this was coming.  Just like I know potty training is just around the corner (and I sooo look forward to sharing poo stories, Elske).  But this one, it snuck up on me.  When we were on the cape last week (and I’ll share the rest of those photos later this week), Avery figured out how to climb out!  Since he’s so strong (and tall) he realized he could pull himself up with his arms on the corner of the crib and swing his legs over.  He only did it once, so I thought it was just a reminder that I need to get ready to kick the crib.

Well, I didn’t run to the store quick enough… and at this point I should be ready for everything early because Avery’s always been early with everything.  He was born 3 1/2 weeks before his due date.  He started walking before his first birthday.  This should be no different.  Yet, it didn’t really hit me that he was ready for this next transition until Monday night.

Sunday night Avery had a hard time going to sleep and there was some crying and checking up on him, as to be expected after he’d been sleeping in his pack and play the past week and on vacation hours (he usually goes to bed 7-730, but on vacation he was up til 8-830).  Monday night he went down a little better.  But Tuesday night, Avery threw me a curveball.  There was the usual crying and thud of his sippy cup being trown out of the crib.  Then he was quiet for a bit, so I went to peak in on him.  As I was opening the door, the door opened in front of me and there was Avery on the other side, Standing There.  He had escaped from the crib!

I was startled, to say the least.  And while I calmly brought him back to the crib, I was yelling at myself thinking, “Oh no!  This is going to be a long night!  How am I going to keep him in the crib now?!”  So while the freak out went on in my head, I put Avery down and watched from a safe distance as he lifted himself up on the corner of the crib, swung his legs around and shimmied down the side, like some expert rock climber.  No thud, no falling and oh god he’s gonna hurt himself.  He was quite strategic about it all.

So after multiple times of putting him back in the crib after he climbed out, I knew I had to change it up.  Since I knew this day was coming, my Mom had mentioned that if I needed, I could put the mattress on the floor.  So, an hour past when I first put him down, I pulled the mattress to the floor and tried that.

FAIL. Avery wouldn’t stay laying down.  Heck, when has this kid ever stayed still unless he was strapped into something?  He was thinking, hey look, no sides, I can go play with this toy and my night light, and jump in my bean bag.  Oh this would not work. So I tried leaving the room, and he would just chase after me.  I heard repetition is the key so I would bring him back to bed and lay him down and he’s just run back after I left the room.  So, I shut the door.  Oh that wasn’t good.  Freak. Out.  Crying and screaming and hitting the door.  At that point I grabbed the phone.

After a few choice swear words and a lot of tears, Mom suggested I lay with him.  I don’t like doing that because he’ll get used to it, but for tonight, until I get his toddler bed setup, it would have to do.  Thanks to Mom, it worked.  I laid with him and he stayed there.  Maybe because he was tired from all the crying and screaming a minute ago, but who cares why, he stayed put, thankfully.  So when I thought he was asleep, I left.  Not seconds after I left, he came after me.  “Oh no, this is really going to be a long night!!!”  I thought to myself but cheerily took him to bed telling him good night again, more kisses and cuddling.  After laying with him for a while more, I left the room and he was out for the count.  Whew.  Good thing too, because it was 9:15 and I was ready for bed too!

I checked on him many times and he was fine.  But he was able to get up and move around the house, which is scary!  So I made sure the baby gate to the stairs was shut and the bathroom door was closed, and my door was open for him to easily get to me and I could hear him.

He didn’t wake up all night, but did get an early start at 5:45am.  Which was fine because it reminded me that I had to, no excuses, transform his crib into a toddler bed, TODAY.  Especially since this was now the state of his bedroom:


With the help of a sale and a coupon, I snagged a crib railing for $25 (so glad we got a transition crib so I didn’t have to buy a whole bed!).  That night when we got home (with the help of our friend, Erin), we assembled Avery’s new toddler bed.


Avery, of course, had to help!  It took us a while to take the crib front railing off because Avery wouldn’t let us have the tool back!


I think he takes after his Grampy!  But we got the side off and with some fun on the floor attaching the new railing, it was up!


We put the mattress back on and wa-la, Avery had a big boy bed!


I tried to get him to lay down for a picture but he would rather jump on the bed… surprised? Not me.


Our first night was an expected doosey.  20 minutes of me putting him down and him climbing off the bed and coming out of his room.  I tried closing the door.  He just freaked out, as expected.  So I sat on the floor next to him and patted him.  Within an hour, he was out.  And he only got up once last night – in which I brought him back to bed and after 2-3 minutes of making sure he was asleep, I was able to get back in bed too.  I wonder what tonight will bring…. I’m mentally prepared for another long one!  But hopefully not as long.  With repetition, I hope he gets the idea and will go to sleep easier… some day.

It seems like just yesterday I was fighting with this little guy to get him to sleep through the night

He was so tiny… and I look back now and realize as a baby he slept a lot!  Not thru the night, but much more than he sleeps now!  What was I thinking complaining then?!  Now I can’t keep the kid to stay in one place!


But before I knew it.. he was growing into his crazy, never stops moving, self…
baby standing in crib

And today… I’ve got a little man in the works.  Growing up so fast… in a big boy bed already!

How did you transition into a toddler bed?!  Please share tips and tricks!  I’ll need an arsenal of ideas on tough nights-help me so I don’t call my Mom crying and swearing and ripping my hair out!  This stuff is tough, especially when you don’t know what to do!

10 thoughts on “Kicking the Crib: Nights 1 & 2

  1. I look forward to sharing poo stories too! It’s tricky to get them to stay in bed, with Elisabeth I stayed in her room and just put her back in bed every time she got out. The first couple of times I told her it was time for bed and then didn’t talk at all and just put her back. I can’t remember exactly how many times it took but I think it was about 70! Being consistent is the most important thing, they need to learn that they won’t achieve anything by getting out of bed. He’ll get used to it real soon I’m sure.

    • thanks, Elske. I have to keep tweaking what I’m doing and I’ll soon find what works. It took an hour again last night to get him to sleep and he woke up at 4:15am, ready to start the day…ugh!

  2. Oh, goodness, I am not looking forward to this! How old is Avery? Myla is 18 months and I’m wondering when I should start planning to transition her. She hasn’t quite figured out how to climb out of her crib, but she’s working on it.

    I admire your persistence and patience! Way to be a good mama!

    • Hi Kaela. Avery is almost 22 months. He is very tall and strong for his age, and I hear girls are better behaved, so I bet you have a little while longer until you have to switch. Start thinking about it though and planning how you’re going to do it… and mentally prepare for some long nights!

  3. Loved your blog today Megs. Reminded me of “Days of future past” with Marcus and Joshua….so so many years ago! Keep up the great “Momma” work, you do it well girl! ❤ you bunches sweet girl Aunt Candy

    • Thanks, Aunt Candy. It’s gonna be a tough transition stage, but it has to get done. He’s growing up so fast. Before I know it, I’ll be looking back like you do 🙂

  4. My little dude never took to a crib and we sleep trained him with a mattress on the floor. He’s still sleeping on a full size mattress in his room and does not fall off the bed…
    I’m not looking forward to potty training either! I’ve tried having him sit on the potty and he hates it.
    Loved seeing the itty bitty Avery pics… how small he was and what a big guy he is now.

    • Hi Fen! That’s so great that you don’t have to go through the transition stage. The potty stage is before us too…I have to buy him a kiddie potty and get him started soon. I was thinking around his 2nd brithday. Like maybe it’ll be one of his gifts so he’ll be excited to use it? What are you plans? Caleb has always seemed like a cooperative little guy so I doubt he’ll give you too much trouble!

  5. Oh man! I’m afraid this is just around the corner for us as well, but I’m holding off as long as I can! Annabel can pull herself up onto the railing, but so far (knock on wood!) has made no attempts to climb down and out after that. She just kind of hangs there for dear life:) Once she figures out that she can slide down, we’re toast! Hope all is still going well with this!!

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