Back to Reality…

We’re back from our summer vacation!  I haven’t even unpacked our bags, so don’t expect much from me just yet.  And after our week on the cape, we shot up to VT on Saturday for one night so I could attend my cousins’ bachelorette party (woo-hoo!).  We finally got home last night – so I’m just getting out of vacation mode.  I’ll share more pics & details later… until then, here are a few fun pics from the week:








When I’m done sorting through the hundreds of photos, I’ll share some more and recap our week of kayaking, biking, beaches, food, fishing, trip to Martha’s Vineyard, and more!

Yay for a fun vacation with some very fun people!


3 thoughts on “Back to Reality…

  1. Welcome back (though I know I usually need a vacation after a vacation!!!). I hope you’re not overwhelmed at work and it’s an easy day back. I hate coming back to the office with work piled up on my desk. Grrrr…hopefully it won’t be that way when I return from maternity leave. LOL

    Can’t wait to see more pics.

  2. Welcome home! I enjoyed seeing your pics on Instagram and can’t wait to see the rest and hear all about it! I’m sure it will definitely influence our decision about our summer vacation next year:)

    • We’re going back next summer… to the east part of the cape (we stayed on the south part). So, keep me posted if you decide to come, I’ll have many suggestions for you!

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