Avery’s 1st (SUPER) Birthday

I know, I know. Avery will be 2 in a few months. But, in addition to the family photos I found last week, I also stumbled on Avery’s Birthday photos.  It was hectic around his birthday last year and so only shared a sneak peak from the big day… until now.  Here’s a few more fun pictures of the decorations, our guests, and of coarse, the birthday boy! Better late than never, right?

Well, the big day actually started months before Avery’s birthday.  The theme was SUPERMAN; we sent out invitations, made plans on food/decor/etc., and with my Mom’s help, gathered lots of goodies for the big day.


The morning of the party, our dining room table exploded with decorations and favor bag items.  There were a bunch of kids (Ages 1-12) attending the party, so we filled the bags with bubbles, noise makers, mini frisbees for the boys and some girly bracelets. They weren’t filled with Rolex watches like those silly Hollywood parties, but I think I did good.  I’ve never thrown a kids party before, but this is what my mom used to do for us, so I thought it would work.  And guess what?  It did!  When each kid arrived, I gave them their bag.  It kept them occupied as they warmed up to the crowd of guests smushed in our tiny house. (We had planned an outdoor party our our deck and our yard, but it was rainy.  Oh well, we made do.


We put up Superman colored streamers, balloons and began setting up the food.  Everyone was bringing a dish to share, so the table was in a little dissarry for this picture, but hey, you get the gist.

While we were busy working away, Avery played around with Grampy…


In the center of all the yummy food were the Super cupcakes I had made – adorned with superman rings and picks.


And you see the ‘super’ cute personal-size cake my Mom made for Avery?!  So cute!  Spread around the table were themed dishes, colorful plates and silverware.


We had some fun labels for all the food like Kryptonite green candies…


We had a beverage station – which didn’t have the punch when I took the picture, but that bowl had green punch during the party.


And my Mom had made Avery the best piniata ever – a number 1, in Superman colors!


After everything was setup, Avery explored his Telephone booth Grammy had made for him.. (which by the way was finally retired this past weekend – Avery is now almost too big for the door and it was falling apart… mostly because Avery chewed off part of the door, lol).


Oh, and see that giant Superman?  My cousin, Joseph, who loves Avery, sent over lots of his old Superman stuff, and we used it for decorations.


Oh no, where’d Avery go?


Oh and I have to mention Avery started in this outfit earlier in the day, but later changed to his Super outfit.


And yes, this is the best picture I could get – he wouldn’t stay still!  I think he know something was up with all the decor and people arriving.  Before we knew it, the house was packed.


We had local friends and coworkers, even family from VT and NYC.

We mingled and munched for a bit.  Avery got passed around…



Oh and he was very interested in Alyson, our friend’s daughter…

Avery's First Birthday 5

Almost everyone we expected arrived within 30 minutes of the ‘start time’ of the party.  To avoid the kids getting rowdy or bored, we moved onto the piniata!  Luckily the rain had let up and we went outside to give the big #1 a few whacks.

Avery's First Birthday 2

Avery wasn’t impressed… but the other kids had fun with it… I think we only got thru 3-4 kids before they broke it!

Inside for some lunch…


And the cake…

Avery's First Birthday

Then… presents!


After opening them all, we had a huge pile of goodies… Thomas the Train, beach toys, Little People, play mats, clothes, so much!


And within 3 hours, everyone was gone.  Such a whirl-wind of a party… but oh so fun! And looking back at all this – I can’t believe how much he’s grown from this adorable waddling thing…

A few more months and we’ll be doing this all over again… but he’ll be TWO!

Do you throw your kid(s) birthday parties?  Do you just do something special as a family, or do you take them to Chucky Cheese?!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Avery’s 1st (SUPER) Birthday

  1. Those are the kinds of parties we throw for our crew, too and it’s so nice. Nothing against going to a venue, but there is just something special about a home party. Looks like a great time! (Love the phonebooth).

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