Lost & Found: Family Photos

Utilizing the holiday, sitting on the couch and relaxing while Avery took a nap – I decided to finally off-load all my photos from my phone, to my computer.  While doing so, I stumbled upon our family photos from a year and a half ago – Avery was only two – three months old.

For Christmas, we gave my parents a photo session to have a family portrait done with our newest addition.  Growing up, we had the photo wall in the living room with an updated family photo (taken every couple years), my parent’s prom photo (yeah, they’re high school sweet hearts), and school pictures of Sarah and I.  These new photos would be an addition to the photos at my parents house, but even more-so they would be the first to adorn the wall in our living room.





***I only have hard copies, so sorry for the fuzzyness.

It took me months to get the frames, and another few months to ask my Dad to hang them, but eventually, our photo wall was born. And doesn’t it look so cozy with Avery’s toys all strewn about…


On a day where we are celebrating our independence, I am so thankful to have the freedom to have a family, a home, and create my own traditional family photo wall.


Happy Independence Day! 


5 thoughts on “Lost & Found: Family Photos

  1. I’ve wanted to start a photo wall here, but the only large wall space we have is in our bedrooms, so that’s another project that will have to wait until we move to a more “permanent” home. You have a great start! I hope your holiday was a good one. 🙂

    • I know, right!? It’s hard to believe they were ever that small. Avery is so tall and lanky that he looks more like a kid than a toddler or even baby.

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