Lucky Number 13

It’s been a while since I checked in about my running and fitness progress.  After the 5K in VT I had been training for, I slacked off for about two weeks.  Then I felt like crap, and got right back into it.  And most recently, I changed my workout schedule because… wait for it…. WE GOT A GYM AT WORK!

Who works for the best company, ever?!  A couple weeks ago a Rock Climbing Gym opened (literally) steps away from our office (seriously, I can take less than 20 steps out our back door and be at the gym.  awesomeness.).  Our company offered everyone memberships, so I gladly jumped on it!  Although it’s a rock climbing gym, it also has studio space for yoga, Zumba, etc. classes, and their is a ‘gym’ with treadmills, ellipticals, weights, mats, etc.  HEAVEN!

For the longest time I’ve been contemplating working out at lunch.  It would mean I don’t have to wait til Avery is asleep to slip away to the gym at night, or miss time with him at night when I head to the gym before he’s in bed.  And running in the AM is a little crazy seeing as I wake up around 5am most mornings.  Plus, the lack of shower access at work kept me from taking a run outside during lunch.  As successful as Rachel is using baby wipes to clean up after lunch runs, I was hesitant.  Now, this gym of course has a shower… and towels, shampoos, body wash, blow dryer, the works!

So, with that, I was hooked.  Now I just pack a bag every morning with my workout essentials and at lunch I run over to the gym for a quick 30 min workout.  Well, it goes more like this:

  • 12PM: Head to the gym, change
  • 12:05PM: Walk to warmu p on the treadmill
  • 12:08PM: Run! (I can usually get in 1.25 miles)
  • 12:22PM: Cool down, walk
  • 12:25PM: Stretch, shower, change
  • 12:35PM: Back in the office.  Eat a yummy salad at my desk while I get back into work-mode

Technically I only get 14 minutes of running time, but it’s better than nothing!  I’ve been going twice a week, but maybe I can squeeze it in 3 days this week and work up to every day!

So other than that, I haven’t been hitting up Zumba class every week like I used to, but I guess I’m keeping in shape because this morning I weighed in – because I keep forgetting to every Friday.  And I’m officially down 13.4 pounds!  I feel great and my clothes feel even better…. I even tried on some old dresses from high school that I haven’t been able to fit in since…. oh well, high school!  And they fit like a glove.  Awesome!  And switching out my winter clothes to summer was so exciting…. skirts, dresses, and color!!!


LOVE that I fit into clothes that I’ve hung onto but couldn’t fit back into.  I haven’t been on a serious regimented diet either.  I still have a doughnut every other Friday and I always have pizza on Fridays…yum!  A girl’s gotta live!


Tonight we’re headed to my company’s 50th Anniversary Gala (I know… who’s ever been invited to a GALA?!) And I’m excited to wear a simple and elegant black cocktail dress (Thanks to my Sis who let me borrow it) … I’ll try to remember to get pictures to share!

Do you workout at lunch?  How do you squeeze in the changing , warmup/cooldown, and the workout!?  I feel like I blink and my workout is over!  But man does it feel good knowing at noon I’ve already finished my workout and have my whole night to hangout with Avery.


6 thoughts on “Lucky Number 13

  1. how exciting that your job now has a gym that is just 20-steps away. you can and should take advantage of it as much as possible!!!! not only are you getting it out of the way but now you get to just enjoy the evening with your little man! I try to avoid workouts after work for that main reason.

    Secondly, congrats on the weight loss and being able to fit into clothes that haven’t fit since high school. It’s like having a totally new wardrobe without having to actually spend the money!!! Hooray.

    And girl, you’re going to get faster and faster so soon you’ll be able to squeeze in 2 miles then 3 miles with the shower and changing.

    When I did work out at the gym in the morning, when I undressed, I’d set up my clothes the way I’d get into them so it was quicker. Laying things out helped out a lot. But, at the same time, I was never really pressed for time. My job is really lenient. On Tues/Thurs. when I go to to spin, it’s about half a mile to the studio. So, I change at 11:40, out the door by 11:45-50, run to the studio (I used to drive until I figured it out it took a little bit more time and then you still have to pay for parking), then set up bike — 45 minutes of spin, run back to work, back in office by 12 the latest, and change in the back room but I am still able to answer the phones while I’m back there if I have to. And, my boss still buys me lunch so I’ll eat my desk when I get back. 🙂

    Like I said, when I’m having a bad day at work, I try to remember that I’m lucky that my bosses actually love that I’m active and that I workout. So they don’t mind me taking that lunch hour (and change) to workout.

    • Thanks for the tips, Rachel. Layering clothes in my bag is a great idea. I think I’ll start scooting out 10 min before lunch too. Our office isn’t punch in, punch out strict, but I don’t get paid for lunch so I like to be honest about how long I’m gone. But I never take other breaks during the day, so another 10 min added to lunch to change/shower isn’t too bad…. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  2. so great you have a gym! Thats why I want a treadmill at home I think it would be really helpful sometimes. Having an extra 5-10 min will help too. It seems like a much better option than trying to squeeze it in at the end of the day. i know if I say I am going to run in the evening by the time the time comes I find something that gets in the way or im too tired. Congrats overall! I love when other people come to love running too 🙂 its such a fun club to be in.

    • Thanks, Tessa. You know what to put on your xmass list for Torrey to get you 🙂 You should honesty ask around and see if anyone has one ‘lying around’. So many people buy them and don’t use them – you may find one for cheap or free! we love cheap or free 🙂

  3. I used to go swimming in my lunch break because my office is next to a pool, but now I changed my hours I only get half an hour lunch and there is no way I can fit a swim in half an hour.

    • oh wow, a pool? that’s a great workout! full body and less stress on the joints. probably good with your knee injury? I can see changing and showering before and after a swim is a little more time consuming than just a run 🙂

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