Showers & Showers

Avery and I had a fun (NOT) ride up to VT on Friday afternoon.  Lots of rain, fog,  terrible viability… horrible start to the weekend!  But the rough ride up was well worth it.  We arrived at Grampy & Grammy’s house to a home cooked dinner of sausages, hot dogs, and mac and cheese…. looks like somebody knew Avery was coming!

Saturday Avery, Grammy, and I visited a friend of mine who just had a baby!  I’ve known Kate since grade school.  We’ve kept in touch over the years but I hadn’t seen her since my baby shower for Avery.  Well, now she got to meet Avery and I got to meet her little boy, Owen (awesome name… I almost used it for Avery!)

I held him first – and he was so tiny!!!  He was making those sweet baby noises and squirming around – so adorable!  My Mom was happy to hold him and even feed him his bottle too!


Avery wasn’t quite sure about him… and was very shy in the beginning of our visit… but he did sit next to Grammy for a quick picture!


Avery finally warmed up when Kate’s daughter Hannah came in from a bike ride.  Hannah wanted to show Avery her room and Avery was thrilled to play with her.


He would have stayed all morning playing with her if I had let him… but all good things must come to an end, so after an hour or so of visiting, we headed out and I can’t wait to visit Kate again… or have Grammy babysit all three kiddos so Kate and I can take a break out together!

After our visit, Avery passed out in the car and we did some searching at a few stores for a play driving wheel attachment – no luck.  I might have to buy one online and wait.  Avery’s been obsessed with ‘driving’ lately… wanting to sit in the front seat of the car whenever we go for a ride – like when I snagged this pic Friday morning before dropping Avery at daycare…


Avery woke up at our last store (Buttered Noodles) and picked out a John Deer Tractor and Dump Truck set… oh and the store had these adorable mini shopping carts for kids – Avery was tearing down the aisles, having a ball pushing it! I completely forgot to take a picture – so that just means we’ll have to go back some time…

Then it was off to the mall to meet Aunt Sarah and Grampy for lunch… and after we ate, Avery took a ride in a bus…
And in a car…


And he didn’t quite like the simulator ride, even when Aunt Sarah joined him…


Back at the house, Avery and Grampy played outside while Grammy prepped a yummy dinner with the lasagna pan I got her for her birthday (Thanks for the suggestion Rachel!)


From left to right = veggie, alfrado & broccoli, & traditional

While Mom was prepping the food – I was putting the finishing touches on stuff for the shower on Sunday (I’m a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding in August and her bridal shower was Sunday).  I made a trivia game… so of course I had to have matching pencils…


When we popped outside to see what Grampy, Aunt Sarah, and Avery were up to… this is what we found!


No worries… Aunt Sarah is an expert tree climber and Avery was only up there a second.  And the only reason he was up there was because Aunt Sarah climbed up the tree while Avery was playing in the wood pile and he saw here and wanted up!  So after that, Avery helped Grampy stack some wood…


Avery just loves getting dirty.  He even pet a slug!  It was totally not on purpose.  We thought he was whining because he got sticky fingers from the sap on the wood, but nope, when we looked closer it was because he found a slug – ew!

Our friend Mina came over (with her dog, Ellie) and we all devoured the lasagna – yum!  And although it was still a little misty from days of rain… we had a campfire and Avery explored our old tree house from when Sarah and I were kids…



And you can’t have a campfire without s’mores… so Avery tried his first one….



Although hesitant at first… he loved it!  And don’t you just love his mini camping chair?!  Fully equipped with a cup holder!


And I have no idea what prompted this… but Avery and Fraiser took a ride in the wagon Grampy had sitting around… and man did Avery love it….



… we even took Avery down the road on a walk on Sunday in it!  So much fun!

Sunday was the big day for the shower.  I headed over early to help setup…


The other girls did a great job picking such a nice venue, planning the decorations, and my trivia game fit right in!


Grammy and Aunt Sarah joined us (along with all the other ladies) and Grampy was on Avery duty.  We had a nice time.  It was great to see my aunts and cousins and  the bride to be seemed to really enjoy the party… even though I made her disclose the color of her panties for the trivia game… hehe.



After the shower, Avery and I stuck around until after dinner, so I could plan Avery’s bedtime with when I drove back home.  It made for a long day, but it was so worth it so I could attend the shower and we had some fun when the sun finally came out Sunday afternoon…


My cousins son (Avery’s second cousin) came over to play too… bubbles, kickball, cornhole… it was a fun afternoon.  Grampy cooked some yummy food on the grill to fill our bellies and at 6:30PM we hit the road. I wasn’t even tired on the ride home and thankfully there was no rain!  Yay to a fun weekend…and it’s already Wednesday so another fun weekend is around the corner!


6 thoughts on “Showers & Showers

  1. Awww the weekend looked like so much fun. Avery is getting too big. I can’t believe our babies will be TWO soon. Where does the time go?

    And Avery looks good next to a newborn, (hint hint), perhaps it’s time for #2. No pressure. HAHA

      • OMG the lasagna was awesome! She actually used the split decision pie pan on Easter, on her bday weekend just after I gave it to her. It was perfect cuz with all the kids, it made more options for them to choose from 🙂

    • haha…. he did look cute, but he can wait. I’d rather not fork out $4500 a month for childcare (thats how much it would cost for two in daycare)… so until Avery’s in preschool/Pre-K/K… we’ll have to wait 🙂

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