Before & After: Haircut Edition

We’ve been going back and forth about this for a while now, but since summer is right around the corner (or if you live in Boston it’s been here for a week now-100+ degrees some days), it’s time Avery cooled off…

In the shape of a hair cut!!!  Now, his first haircut was just to trim up a bit.. and he’s had another one of those since then.  But this time… we went a little extreme….



Yay!  Nice and cool!  I’m sure it’ll quickly grow into a nice Buzz cut…but for now, it’s all shaved off!!!

Did you or your kids have any extreme haircuts?  Share!  Pictures too if you have them on your blog!


11 thoughts on “Before & After: Haircut Edition

  1. In high school I chopped my hair pretty short, like chin length. It was okay, but probably won’t do that again. The hubby likes long hair:) So far Annabel hasn’t had any extreme haircuts, but we’re debating about getting it trimmed to even everything out. We’ll see!

    Avery looks adorable with or without hair!

    • Thanks, Adrianne – I can’t see u with hair that short haha! It’s good to try things out. I like my hair short – but with long hair there are so many more options – pony tails and leaving it down and even braiding it! I’m such a girl… 🙂 I’ll have fun shaving Avery’s head while you get to put piggy tails and bows in Annabel’s hair 🙂

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