High Five for Friday

I am soooo glad it’s finally Friday.  It’s been a long week being busy at work, squeezing in running before the 5K tomorrow, packing for VT, and the past two days of rain mean entertaining a toddler (who seems to be coming up on the ‘terrible twos’ a little early) indoors.  I’ve been meaning to post an update on my 5k training and about the fun stuff we’ve been able to do with the warmer weather, but I haven’t found the time… so a quick H54F recap of the past week will have to do!

1. Sand Box Steal

We had discussed getting Avery a sand box, but it was just a thought.  The kid LOVES playing in the dirt.  So we were keeping our eyes out, and our friends were hosting a joint yard sale on Saturday and what do you know, they had TWO sand boxes for sale this past weekend!  We went to check them out, and Avery quickly gravitated toward one (which was also our favorite).  So for $20, we took it home, I washed it out (I know, WASHING a box that’s just gonna get filled with dirt?!  I am SO a Mom), and we grabbed some sand at home depot for $7, and for under $30, we now have this…


An absolutely thrilled and entertained toddler!  Yeah, he’s a little dirty too… but nothing a little hosing down won’t fix at the end of the day.  And don’t you just love the half picnic table attached?!  It even has a hole for an umbrella!

2. Chalk it Up

On a run to the Mall early Sunday morning (to entertain Avery while the yard was still wet from overnight dew), we spotted a fun box of chalk.  Avery’s recent love of coloring in the bathtub (and NOT eating the crayons) made me think he’s love this stuff… and he did!


He loves it on the sidewalk…. and all over the deck, and his sand box, and even on the siding of the house.  Good thing it washes away with water!  Anything to keep him entertained and outside enjoying the nice weather.  He’s even starting to repeat the colors back to me when I tell him the crayon color.  He can say ‘Blue’ pretty well now.

3. Hitting the Pavement

On Monday night, I snuck out for a quick 1-mile run.  I did a loop where I usually walk Avery to another park down the street.  It was just after Avery went down to bed at 730, so it was cooling down, but still nice out.  I grabbed a watch to time myself, and hit the road.  I wanted to go fast, so I really pushed thru it – even the (2) hills!  I passed the park, where I thought I was about halfway and checked my watch: 5:30…ohh! I could get a sub 11 mile!  So I booked it!  When I finished, this is what my watch read…


If you aren’t a skilled upside-down-reader (if you’re having kids – practice, this is an essential parenting skill!) , I’ll tell you, it was 9:58, as in SUB TEN MINUTE MILE!  After cooling down, I went inside to track my run, because I was sure it wasn’t quite a mile if I went that fast.  It wasn’t a mile.  It was 1.05 miles!  Yay!!!  So excited!  Now if I could only run that fast for 3.1 miles at Saturday’s 5k!

4. Company Perks

On Tuesday, my coworker asked me to join him and another coworker to the Sox Game – ummm yeah!  It meant missing Zumba with Erin, and not seeing Avery all day, but it was just this once – and a great opportunity to talk with some coworkers that I didn’t know well.  As it turns out, the tickets were from a Vendor and he treated us to the whole night – dinner at the Yard House, Amazing 3rd base-line seats, peanuts, pretzels, beer (for the guys, not me, yuck!)…


We were about 10 rows back from where Avery sat for his first Sox Game! And although it was a great time, the Sox did loose – boo!  Oh well, maybe next time….

5. We Got Mail!

Last week a book came in the mail from Avery’s pen-pal, Annabel (Thank you! We’ll be sending you a treat next week!)  And Wednesday night, we got a box that had this inside…

…the FREE Baskic Skills Board I ordered thru Huggies Rewards.  Yay!  And I didn’t realize it was so big, and a puzzle too!   It’s for 3+, so it’s too advanced for Avery, but I left him check it out.  I’ll put it away for Christmas this year – when he’s 2 1/4.  Yay for Free!

Happy Friday!  We’re off to VT this afternoon because we have our big 5k family run tomorrow morning!  We’ll be back next week to share our adventures!

What were your 5 highlights this past week!?  Join the link-up party with my friend at Flavors of my Life who links up with Lauren every week…


9 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. It looks like you had a fabulous week! I just love the updates on Avery. I am happy to see he enjoys his sandbox for we are going to do that for C this weekend. Yay! I am just hoping she doesn’t eat too much of it. 😉 And I can’t wait to hear how your 5k goes!

    • Ohhhh she’s a sand-eater? Avery doesn’t eat the sand… he just throughly enjoys taking it OUT of the box and putting it everywhere else… like on the deck and picnic table. I think we’ll be needing more sand sooner than we originally thought…. good thing it’s cheap!

    • Thanks, Elske. If only I could run 3 miles that fast! My race this weekend wasn’t nearly that fast… but much faster than my first. I’ll share soon!

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