19 Month Tricks & Ticks

This week Avery turned 19 months!  And what a perfect time of year for it too… because he’s walking and running and getting into everything and what better place to do that, than outside!  The weather has been amazing.. .sunny and warm.  So without the layers of snowsuit, hats, mittens, and boots, Avery is thrilled to be outside.  It makes me wonder why we put up with months of winter because being outside with him is so much fun!  He gets lost in playing in the dirt.  We spend hours at the park.  And he could watch dogs, people, cars, and planes go by all day and just be thrilled.


At 19 months, everything Avery is growing… he’s getting so tall, his independence is growing, his vocabulary is expanding, he soaks up everything you say and do, and man is this kid smart!  Sometimes I have a whole conversation with him… no idea what he’s saying, but he looks back at me expecting a response after he babbles something.  Most of the time I understand a word or two.


  • mama
  • dada
  • hi
  • bye
  • up
  • no
  • yeah
  • ah-dah (all done)
  • baby
  • baba (pacifier)
  • baba (bubbles)
  • dog-dog
  • me-me (meow-meow/cat)
  • sah-wah (Aunt Sarah)
  • Grunk-gra (Grampy)
  • Tees (Keys)
  • Cah (car)
  • Ight (light)
  • Ding Dong (the doorbell sound)
  • Beep-Beep (car horns/alarms)
  • Kuh-Kuh (yuck yuck/garbage)
  • Pee
  • Poo (poop)
  • Peeze (please)
  • Noh (Nose)
  • Tee (Teeth/Tooth brush)


  • Grah-Grah (food… no idea where this came from.  I thought it was goldfish, but it means all food)
  • Apple
  • Ut-Oh
  • Wee (on a bike or swing)
  • Moo (cow, although he recently mixed this up with a sheep…gotta work on that one)
  • Kak-Kak (duck)
  • Choo-Choo (train)
  • Brrrmmm (car)

word count: 30+



  • If you put a tissue to his nose, and say ‘BLOW,’ Avery will blow his nose.
  • ‘SIT’ If you ask Avery to sit to play with toys, he quickly plops down!
  • ‘STAND UP’
  • ‘HANDS UP’ (when getting undressed or putting his tray on the highchair)
  • ‘CRY LIKE A BABY’ and Avery makes a squished face and pretends to cry
  • If you ask Avery if he wants to do the ‘LAUNDRY’ he runs to get the laundry basket in the bedroom, put clothes in it, and gets on top of the clothes to sit so I can carry him downstairs to do laundry.
  • If we are walking and Avery starts to run, I tell Avery to ‘SLOW DOWN’ and he slows down and has a cautious look about himself


On My Body

Avery can point out these body parts and items on himself or someone else when asked where they are.

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Belly Button
  • Toes
  • Mouth
  • Teeth
  • Shoes, Socks, & Pants
  • Coat
  • Hat

New Tricks

  • Avery can walk up and down stairs without help, by holding onto the railing.
  • When we are at the park and Avery finds a candy wrapper on the ground, he points at it, says ‘Kah-Kah’, picks it up and points to the trash can, looks at me for approval, I nod, and he runs to go put it in the garbage.


  • Bubbles.  Avery LOVES to blow bubbles, and he’s actually pretty good at it!


Likes & Dislikes

    • Avery loves stickers!  Especially monkey stickers from his pen pal Annabel in Texas.


  • Avery still doesn’t like veggies.  He smushs peas, throws carrots, and spits out cucumbers.  Thank goodness for fruit/veggie juice blends.  
  • Avery still doesn’t like the carseat.  Most of the time he doesn’t put up a fuss, but at least once a week he still freaks out and I have to hold him down to strap him in while he throws a screaming, crying, kicking fit.
  • When Mommy leaves, Avery is NOT happy.  He gives Daddy a pretty rough time.  Hopefully this is just a stage.
  • Avery LOVES water – especially bath time.  His favorite toys are Tupperware that he uses to dump water.  Oh and color tablets that change the water colors!


  • Grocery shopping.  Even when we get the cool driving cart with the car, he gets bored of it fast and gets very mad when Mommy and Daddy won’t let him put just anything in the cart (I now know why parents get home and take something out of a bag and wonder how they purchased it when they don’t remember putting it in the cart?!)


Another month has flown by… but it’s been so so fun!  Loving the warm weather and outside activities for us.

What are some fun outside activities for toddlers during the spring/summer?  I’m so excited to take advantage of this nice weather and not be cooped up in the house anymore!


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