Sprint for Super Saturdays 5K

Sunday was RACE DAY. We geared up for the sunny weather (hence the shades) and headed out for a fun family race.


The race started and ended at our town high school.  We arrived early, registered, got our bag of goodies with T-shirts, and waited around as the runners and walkers poured in.  Avery was thrilled.  They were blasting music, they had baloons at the finish line, and there were dogs!  I got tired chasing him around before the race even started!

The race was for a wonderful cause – a program called ‘Super Saturdays‘ – for kids with special needs that do activities together on Saturdays.

sprint for super saturdays 5k

Before we walked over to the start line, they had a moment of silence for the Boston Marathon, which was very sweet.  Lots of people were wearing ‘Boston Stong’ and ‘One Boston’ shirts.  We figured there were about 300 participants – a sizeable group full of energy and such a beautiful morning for a run.

When it was time to head over to the start line, I parted with Avery and headed off with the runners.  Avery was pushed in the jogging stroller with the walkers 2 1/2 mi route.  At the start line there was a police car to lead us, and when the horn sounded, we were off!

I was quickly passed by many runners, but I knew I had to keep my pace and not get winded to early.  There was a mother and daughter (who must have been 8 years old) just ahead of me at the same pace, so I stuck behind them.  The first 1/2 mile was a slight uphill, but the sun was so nice and with a slight breeze, it was perfect running weather.  the second 1/2 mile was a slight downhill and flattened out around mile 1.  They had volenteers calling out your time as you passed.  My first mile was 10:21.  EEk, I was going fast!  I was hoping to average 11 minute miles.

Mile 2 was a bunch of hills.  I chugged along and kept myself occupied by watching the runners around me.  That mother daughter team was way ahead of me now but there was a father son team that would pass me, then stop to walk, and pass me again, and then stop to walk and I’d pass them.  Oh and I got passed by three moms with strollers – all of which had barefoot kids – because the kids kept kicking off their shoes (Avery does that too!).

I passed Mile 2 at 21 something, which worried me because I knew I was going slower and getting pretty tired.  But I chugged along.  The last mile was pretty flat, but it was a straight shot, so in the far distance you could see the turn to the road where we started.  I turned the corner and picked up the pace.  And oh man, was that last .1 miles the toughest.  We had to run a loop around the finish line before crossing it, so although I could see it, it was still a ways away.  And they had announcers calling our our names as we came into the final stretch – pretty cool.  I sprinted the last bit and finished in 34:45.  11:08 miles.  Not too bad!

I was exhausted and downed a water bottle as I walked around to cool off.  I watched the final runners coming in and then headed out to catch up with them.  When I saw them, Avery was passed out.  Apparently he fell asleep 20 minutes into their walk!  I walked with them thru the finish line and Avery woke up just in time to take a family picture.


We checked the posted times, and I snapped a picture before we headed home.

race results

We were back home before lunch – what a great way to start off a day.  I’m proud of finishing the race and we had fun doing it as a family.  Next race I hope I get to run along with someone and improve my time!

Two days later, I’m a little sore, but moreso from sunburn!  The sun was at my backside most of the race, so the back of my legs are red, along with my arms and my chest under my neck.  Next time, I’m wearing sunblock!

2 weeks until the next 5k…. or I could run one this coming weekend at the school on our street…oh and I think I’ll do another color run in September with my cousin… #addicted.

Anyone Else Addicted to Running? 

9 thoughts on “Sprint for Super Saturdays 5K

  1. Was searching for the race results and found your blog – then realized I knew who you were! Just an FYI- the course was actually 3.3 miles long- that’s why that .1 seemed so long! Congrats on your race- it certainly is addicting once you get started 🙂

  2. This is awesome, Meghan! You should be so proud of yourself. I feel like everyone just decides they want to start running and then they just do it and next thing I know, they’re running 5k’s and 10k’s and half-marathons. Yet, I can’t do it. Well I guess I probably CAN. But I DON’T. This is great motivation!!


  3. Well done you! Running is very addictive indeed and so good for you both physically and mentally. I’ve joined the gym last week, not running yet, need to build up some muscle to support my knee first, but I’ve been 3 times in the last week and will be going again tonight.

    • Wow, Elske – that’s great! You’re going about it the right way too, so you don’t injure yourself again. I worked out for months before I started running so IMO it’s a great way to start. But I had to cut back to only 3 workouts a week because hubs is getting a little annoyed that I’d rather visit the gym than make him dinner hehe

  4. MEGHAN: CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m sorry I missed this post!! GRRR… You did amazing — also, you look fabulous. I am so excited for your upcoming 5k. So addicting, indeed!!! YAY!!!

    • Thanks, Rachel. I feel better than I look too 🙂 …says the girl whos new pants she bought in March are already falling off her today – losing weight is expensive. I need to go shopping again!

    • Thanks, Suzi. Since my husband and son were walking the route, I didn’t have anyone to take my picture running, so we HAD to get one at the end together 🙂

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