Who Doesn’t Love Free?

at&t commercial more or less

source: youtube, at&t

As soon as I wrote the title of this blog post, I realized it could make for a really good AT&T commercial.  I love those commercials.  The ones with the guy sitting down with kids asking them to explain what’s better, ‘more or less’?  And they go into this speal in their adorable kid verbage and reasoning… too cute!  I can’t wait until Avery starts making actual sentences… what fun to come!

Where was I?  Oh yes, Free.  So when Avery came along we were showered with lots of advice.  One of the suggestions that has (finally) come to fruition was from my dear friend, Roland at work (Daddy of 3 adorable boys).  He told me about Huggies Rewards – each huggies product has a code sticker that you can log in online, get points for, and redeem for rewards!  Well, all of Avery’s diapers are huggies (thank you Costco), so I’ve been logging them online and the points have been adding up.

With all rewards programs, it takes time to sign online and input the info.  But I just kept a stash of the codes in my bag, and once a month I’ll plug them in.  3 minutes a month is worth it, especially when it results in a really cool reward!

I’ve been perusing the ‘rewards catalog’ for a couple months now.  I had enough points for some lame rewards that didn’t interest me like magazine subscriptions – no thanks.  I get my parenting & SELF magazines and that’s all I need.  But yesterday I passed the 500pt mark and spotted a toy I actually wanted to buy Avery – valued at $19.99, but I get it (and shipped) for free.  I clicked the button and boom, it’s in the mail!  6-8 weeks before it arrives, but since it’s recommended for 3+, Avery can wait.  Maybe I’ll put it away for his birthday?

Avery loves buttons and zippers, so I was looking for a book or toy that allows him to practice that kinda stuff – so this was perfect.  Now instead of buying it, we got it free! Yeah, maybe I’m a little excited seeing as I’ve been logging these points for 18 months now, but free is free.  And it was so worth the little effort on my part. Can’t wait for it to come in the mail!!!

I am absolutely not paid to share my experiences and recommendations (although I’d be open to it if Huggies called me offering some big bucks), but until then (ha!) I just want to say, it’s worth the effort – just create a login at www.huggies.com.  They’re really great too – never got one solicitation email after signing up!  Or you could just send me your rewards points and I can use them! 🙂

What rewards programs have you tried that are worth it?  My latest attempt was using SaveUp.com for paying off my student loans.  You have to log in every day to ‘play’ in raffles.  After months of not winning anything, I gave up.  Not worth it.  I think my friend Alana is still trying to win at it… good luck girl!


7 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Free?

  1. I save my points too, I think I have almost 700 now, but the last case we purchased at Costco (hi, fellow Costco shopper) didn’t have any inside. I need to write them with the batch number and see if I can get them after all. :-\

    And I’m with you. Some of those prizes are really lame, but then a really good one pops up. lol.

    • wow, 700!!! I bet you’ll get a very cool reward if you keep racking them up! I notice the prizes change pretty often, so keep checking until something you want pops up. I’m so glad I waited and got something I was actually going to buy!

  2. We cloth diaper during the day but I buy Huggies overnights for nighttime. Just threw away my codes but will save them and give them to you in the future.

    • Awe, thanks Fen! I am sooo gonna try cloth diapering if we go for baby #2. That and breast feeding. It didn’t work for us before, but worth a shot to save some major $$$

      • My sil got me on Kawaii diapers and they are even cheaper than the ones that I got before and works better too! I had to get more since there’s gonna be 2 in diapers… haven’t been able to get Caleb to potty train yet.

        If you don’t mind, can you see if you can see my test post in your reader? Adrianne told me that she’s not seeing my posts in her reader.

      • Hi Fen. I took a glance and didn’t see you in my reader. Popped onto your blog though – love the bump pics!

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