Avery’s First Red Sox Game

In light of the events on Monday in our city, I held off sharing this fun post.  There’s just so much emotion and guilt when sharing something fun and exciting about your family when there are people in surgery, missing limbs, and families that are mourning deaths.  I am so thankful that our family and friends are all safe and we’re here another day to share about the fun and exciting stuff going on in our lives…. like Avery’s very first Red Sox Game.

Now let me backtrack a little – On Thursday I won a pair of Tickets to the Red Sox game, that night.  How?  Our company has tickets that they sometimes raffle off if the ticket holder can’t go.  I was lucky to see an email pop up on my screen that said the first 2 people to respond would each get a set to the game.  And fast fingers me, I got them!


Now, this was early afternoon, and a 7PM game is NOPLACE for a toddler that goes to bed at 7.  Scrambled for a sitter.  All set.  Fast forward to 30 minutes before we were to leave for the game and our sitter had to bail.  I was pretty upset.  Red Sox games are rare, and tickets are so expensive – these were free and great seats!  It’s times like that I wish we lived close to family so I could easily call my Mom, or Sister, or Aunt to come watch Avery no problem.  Oh well.  So we again scrambled – this time to give the tickets away.  But since I was south of the city now, at home and the game was only 1 1/2 hours away, nobody wanted them.  So, what to do?  I marched over to our neighbors house (a nice lady with 4 daughters that has helped us shovel before and is always so kind), and  gave her the tickets.  At least somebody could use them.  (side note – got a thank you card today from her daughter who went to the game with her boyfriend. Yay!)

I was hoping this would create some good Karma, and what do you know…. when my parents came down for the weekend, guess what they had? Tickets to the Saturday Red Sox Game.  Front Row Third Base Line Seats!  A coworker had a death in the family and couldn’t go, so they handed them off to my Mom.  And guess what?  The game was a 1PM game.  And little kids under 2 get in free…. so Grammy and Grampy took Avery to his first Red Sox Game.


Not only were the seats amazingly close, we recorded the game on TV and you can clearly see them a bunch of times!


Avery got a warm-up ball from the opposing team, scarfed his first Fenway Frank, danced along with Sweet Caroline, and the game went 11 innings, and he behaved so well that they stayed the whole game!



Avery even threw a mitten and water bottle over the wall.  Good thing there was a kind cameraman there to hand it back to Avery.  Too bad for him, because Avery of coarse thought this was a game and kept doing it.




Avery enjoyed the music and cheering and joined in.  He was even on the jumbo screen a couple times – dancing!


So excited our little guy got his taste of the Boston spirit and had a great time (almost as much fun as Grammy and Grampy).  Now Vinay’s got to take him to his first Yankee game and we’ll have to wait and see which team he likes more, because as you know, we have quite an in-house rivalry 🙂

Do your believe in Karma? I do!  Well, at least that doing good for others with come full circle at some point…. this time the turnaround was quite fast!


10 thoughts on “Avery’s First Red Sox Game

  1. Wow — karma was on your side for sure. How sweet of you to give the tickets to your neighbor. So much better than to let them go to waste. Avery looks adorable and seems to have had a great time! 🙂 He is such a lucky little man — so many wonderful and FUN experiences!!! And wait, Vinay is a Yankees fan? Am I reading this right? Because if that’s true — looks like I’ll be going to games with him. 🙂

  2. I definitely believe in karma! And it’s so cool that you guys live in a city where baseball is so big. Wish we did too, but it’s all about football in Texas! 🙂 Looks like Avery had a blast!

    • Oh I can imagine how big football is in Texas! I’m sure Avery will love lots of sports… so curious to see which one(s) he likes and wants to try as he gets older!

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