Halfway to a 5K!

Race Day is one month away!

I seriously feel accomplished… well, right now I do.  Last night was another story.  I don’t know what it was, but I just did not feel like going for a run.  There were a zillion things to do at home and I just filled my head with excuses, but I had a run schedule, so I went.  And it wasn’t a casual run, either.  This was my third 2 1/2 mile run.  When I run a new (further) distance, I do it at a steady pace, so I know I can at least finish the run.  Then after that, I try to beat my time.  Well, I was doing just that, which makes the run harder, and coupled with my mood, I was about to call it quits before mile one.  Ugh.

See, this is where I know running is more of a mental thing than physical.  Because although my body was telling me ‘NO!’, I pushed through it.  My breathing was horrible and I couldn’t find my stride, but I kept going and going.  And the closer the ‘finish’ came, the more confidence I had to speed up even more and beat my time.  When the treadmill hit 2.50mi, my time was 27:10…. 45 seconds faster than last time, and one minute & 30 seconds faster than my first 2 1/2 mile run last week.  Yay!  That right there gives me the boost I need to run my 3 miles on Sunday.

Week Dates Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 3/11-3/17 Rest Zumba 1m run (10:51) Rest 1m run (11:23)
2 3/18-3/24 Rest Zumba 1.5m run (17:09) Zumba 2m run (23:10)
3 3/25-3/31 Rest Zumba 2m run (22:27) Rest
4 4/1-4/7 Rest Zumba 2.5m run (28:40)  1m stroll Rest
2.5m run (27:55)
5 4/8-4/14 Rest 2.5m run (27:10) Body Pump? 3m run (00:00)
6 4/15-4/21 Rest Zumba 3m run 1.5m stroll Zumba 3m run
7 4/22-4/28 Rest Zumba 3m run 1.5m stroll Zumba 3.5m run
8 4/29-5/5 Rest Zumba 3.5m run 1.5m stroll Zumba 4m run
9 5/6-5/12 Rest Zumba 3.1m run 2m stroll Rest 5k Race!

I did miss Zumba Tuesday night, but our schedule didn’t allow for it this week, so I was hoping to hit up Zumba Friday night but I think Erin said something about them doing a special Body Pump class instead.. which I’m not sure I’m ready for.  Maybe I am?  I’ll have to look into it.  Either way, I’ll hit the gym on Friday, especially before I chow down on Chinese food with my parents when they drive in for the weekend.

Oh and did you see I took a stroll with Avery last week?  The weather was nice enough so I tried a walk/jog mile with him.  It went well, except the sidewalks are horrible and I need to put air in the stroller tires.  Spring is here though… warmer weather and more daylight = more runs with Avery!

How do you keep yourself motivated to stick to your workouts? Having a schedule that I can flex with whats going on for the week works for me.  My original plan was 3 runs a week and 2 cross training days, but I found that 2 runs and 1-2 cross training days are more than enough to juggle with everything else going on.  So I made a few adjustments on my schedule to keep it realistic

I am loving the motivational posters online.  Is it just me, or is everyone on a health kick lately?  It’s great! Here is my latest favorite:

motivational shirt channing tatum
Erin,  I am so making one of these!


10 thoughts on “Halfway to a 5K!

  1. Good work lady! I have found that it is easiest to say I will work out a certain amount of times versus actually scheduling the days. That way I have some flexibility and I don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen one day. 🙂

    • Great idea! I discussed my ideal scheduled with Vinay, so he can have workout days too, then if something comes up, we just discuss what day I can move my workout to, so I still get in 2 runs a week and at least one Zumba class.

    • Thanks, Adrianne! I am pretty proud. I actually finally feel good about my body again and I’m looking forward to warm weather with skirts and dresses (to show off my pale, yet toned, legs!)

  2. You are doing great!!! It really is all mental. And just watch. Once you run 3 miles without stopping, it just gets addicting and it’s like, you want to either always run 3 miles or see if you can do more. It’s actually how I lost a good bulk of weight. Good luck and Run on!!

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