The 18 Month Check Up

Avery got nothing but praises at his 18 month check up yesterday.  He was weighed, measured, and no shots!

Height: 33.5 (81%)

Growth Chart Length for Age 18 months

Avery is still tall for his age, but around the same percentile he’s been since he was born.

Weight 23lb 12oz (43%)

Growth Chart Weight for Age 18 months

The same goes for his weight… been sticking around the same.  Except this one outlier (math vocab!) at an appointment in January when he was sick.  I remember them weighting him on a standing scale, instead of the baby one he sits/lays on (naked).  So that must have been when they weighed him with his clothes on.

Growth Chart Weight for Length 18 months

And as for his weight and height comparably… he’s still tall and skinny!

The doctor asked what he has been up to and I told her about the cold he (and I) are getting over.  She didn’t see signs of any ear infections, so I think this cold will pass.  Then she drilled us with some questions…

Some Q & A with the doc:

Q: How many words is he saying?

A: 20

Doc: Any more than 10 is great!

Q: Does he point to at least two body parts?

A: Yes.  Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly button, and toes.

Doc: Oh wow!

Q: Does he eat well?

A: Most of the time, but he refuses to eat vegetables although we keep offering them.

Q: Does he imitate you?

A: Yes. (and I’m thinking in my head… he makes a fishy face back to me when I do, hehe)

Q: Does he stack blocks?

A: Yes, much more so now than at 12 months when he just wanted to knock them down.

Q: Does he walk and climb?

A: OH YES.  He is very active.

Then it was onto the poking and prodding   She listened to his breathing and heartbeat.  Avery just sat there, looking at her, and giggled at the cold stethoscope. She checked his belly and exclaimed ‘Oh I guess you do eat well!  Nice tummy!.’ Then it was onto his ears. She shined the light in and Avery sat very still.  Onto the other ear.  Avery laughed as he saw the light go by.  ‘Oh isn’t he just the most pleasant thing!?  Usually all the 18 month olds come in here kicking and screaming.  This is so nice!’  Next was his mouth and she tried putting the wooden stick in his mouth and Avery just looked at him.  I told Avery ‘Say Ahh’ and he opened his mouth and said Ah.  The doctor was in stitches.  She said she’d never seen anything like that.  I told her that’s how I get the toothbrush in his mouth.

And with that, Avery got a good bill of health… and won’t go back until he’s 2.

After our appointment, we raced home to take advantage of the warm weather.  The park was packed and we stayed for a whole hour… no jacket or hat… Avery was thrilled to be on the move, sans layers of clothing.  A perfect reward for a stellar doc appt!

toddler swing

How often do you take your kiddos outside and to the park?  We go every afternoon when we get home, pending the weather’s cooperation.


11 thoughts on “The 18 Month Check Up

      • Caleb eats anything I put in front of him… he LOVES bitter melon. He was eyeing my bitter melon soup when he was maybe 8 months and I gave him some expecting him to spit it out and we’d have some giggles over it… but that guy loves it. Joke’s on me. lol.

      • Avery has this thing with textures… if its slimy and wet, he WILL NOT eat it. Thats why the fruits that aren’t wet like blueberries are OK in his book. Otherwise, he smushes them with his fingers, haha. I will get some melon this weekend and see if he will try it thouh – worth a shot!

  1. Haha, Avery is awesome! Annabel is definitely the typical kid that your doctor described. She wants absolutely nothing to do with strangers poking and prodding her! Ugh, I hate taking her to the doctor! She’s also not a big fan of the veggies unless they are hidden in a casserole or something:) Hopefully someday she’ll learn to love them!

      • Hadn’t heard of that one! I’ve put pureed cauliflower in mac and cheese, but Annabel won’t even eat regular mac and cheese so it wasn’t too successful. But last night I made a quinoa casserole with red peppers, spinach, broccoli and onion and she ate it all happily. It’s one of the few things she’ll eat, so I love that it’s full of veggies! They’ll get there someday:)

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