Have I mentioned how IN-LOVE I am with Instagram?  I know I have, and if you follow me, you’ll see my posts blow up on the weekends.  This past weekend was no exception.

Our weekend started a bit early, as Mr. Avery had to stay home sick Friday.  So we had some nice morning snuggles…


And although he didn’t get any schooling for the day, we had some fun activities at his table set he got for Christmas.

He’s such a good stacker!  And I love these little plastic things, they don’t hurt like the wooden blocks do when he starts throwing them!


Saturday morning started bright and early with some much needed Fixin’


We have safety locks on the cabinets under the kitchen sink, and these things were not cheap.  You screw them into the cabinet door and base of the cabinet, so they lock when closed, preventing curious little toddler hands from grabbing the trash or cleaning products.  However, our little toddler thinks he’s the Hulk and pulls and bangs these doors over and over and over, until the latches break!  This musta been the upteenth time we’ve replaced them.  Now I know why they come in packs of 20+.

Then we were off to Costco!  Our sick little guy fell asleep on the way there and snoozed the whole trip, only to wake up just in time to eat a hot dog on the way out… oh and he had to inspect the goodies we bought…


At snack time, Avery ate a treat from his pen pal, Annabel, in Texas.  There was a card, some beautiful artwork, stickers, and a fruit strip!


So, on Sunday it was only fitting that we went shopping for a card and stickers to send back to her.  Avery made some artwork of his own…


More on that later…. I don’t want to share pictures of their cards to each other until ours reaches Texas this week!

And we ended the weekend with a new money-bank for Avery.  He had a ceramic penguin, but they tend to smash into a thousand pieces when toddlers drop them (yep, totally happened-and i should mention that it was my bank from when i was a teen).  So when I was out shopping with Erin on Saturday and found this bank for $2.99, I couldn’t resist.


Avery was quite happy to transfer his money from the temp yogurt container that’s been housing his cash the past few months.

Do your kids have money-banks?  What do you do when it gets full – cash it in to buy a toy, or put it in savings?  Avery’s is getting very full!


11 thoughts on “Insta-Avery-Weekend-Gram

  1. I love this! I’m a huge Instagrammer myself! I’ll have to get on there and follow you guys:) You probably end up seeing most of my pictures on the blog though! So glad he got his card and I can’t wait to see what he mailed back for Annabel. I’m really excited about this and think the kids will enjoy it too! 🙂

    Annabel doesn’t yet have a piggy bank, but we plan to get her one! I think when she gets old enough, we’ll let her decide if she wants to cash it in or save it up for something bigger….Fun times!

    • Good idea with the piggy bank. Avery has no concept of money yet – he just loves putting the coins in the slot. he shrieks with joy each time he puts one in… silly kid, but hey, it keeps him busy! (and works his hand-eye coordination!)

  2. Love the pictures! My soon has a piggy bank too and it’s starting to get full as well, but I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I’m leaning towards putting it in a savings account for him, since he already has a ton of toys. Then when he’s a little older and has a better understanding of money, he can use it to buy toys then.

  3. Avery is SOOOOOO cute!

    When Mac’s piggy bank gets full I use it to buy myself pizza and cupcakes. I deserve it! Just joking! Most of it will go to a 529 Plan for his future educational expenses. When he’s older, we’ll probably try working on the save 30%, donate 20%, and spend 50% (or similar depending on the amounts and his goals).

    And those cabinet latches? We have the same issue with Mac. (I’m sure you’re shocked – ha!) He wails on those doors back and forth back and forth until he bends the little plastic tab enough to make it stop latching. It NEVER ends. ha!

    • You’re right, I’m NOT surprised you have the same problem with those latches! I guess we just have to face the fact that we have determined, strong, little boys!

      When Avery gets older I think we should do something similar with the piggy bank, %donate, %save, %spend. I think it’ll instill some great values and appreciation for money…something kids these days have no idea of!

      • I was always floored when I’d hear a co-worker say their son or daughter just got a driver’s license and they were going out out to buy them a BMW that weekend. (I’m NOT kidding). It happened all the time, and every time it shocked me. Kids have EXPENSIVE tastes these days!

        Of course, we’ll probably never be able to indulge Mac in this way, but even if we could, I hope we’d at least pause to consider the message that sends. I grew up thinking you had to “earn” most things. . .and judging from your financial discipline and budgeting regarding your loan repayments, home makeovers, etc. you probably did too.

        We’re sooooo NOT cool! Ha!

      • haha, oh yeah I fell off the cool-train long long ago! And you’re right. My parents raised me to work for everything I have… work for good grades to get scholarships to college, worked part time to pay for my first car, etc. And the pride and financial understanding I got from it is priceless. I want Avery to be raised that way too. I’m glad I’m not the only un-cool parent out there. When I take Avery to the used car lot when he’s 16 ready to buy his first car, I’ll be thinking of you 🙂

      • I’ll send him a bumper sticker. . .Something telling the world how his very uncool parents are responsible for the “sensible sedan” he’s driving. Ha!

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