Early Easter Presents

I love getting snail mail.  I don’t know what it is, but every time I open the mailbox, I get excited…wondering what’s inside.  I know most people will think I’m crazy because of course bills come in the mail so no mail is good mail, right?  But times are a changing, and all our bills are electronic, so the only mail we get are flyers, statements, and the rare card or package from friends/family.  I love getting cards and letters in the mail.  For a year, our pet rabbit and my Grandma’s pet guinea pig used to write letters back a forth (seriously).  It was so much fun!  Getting a letter from a furry little creature that writes about eating lettuce and being scared of dogs is a hoot!

But what’s even more exciting than getting mail for myself(or for my pet), is Avery getting mail!  Last week he got a letter and a package.  I have never seen the kid more excited to rip presents open.  He was a pretty good present opened at Christmas, but this time, man he meant business!

First, He went to work on the package:


The tape on the edges got him a little frustrated, but with Mommy’s help, he was able to start ripping…


His first big rip he had this look like, uh, am I allowed to be doing this?  You scold me when I rip pages from Aunt Sarah’s books, but I can rip this?


When he realized something was inside and he wanted it, man was he determined!


Oh look, it’s a book!  And what did he immediately do?  Ran over to the ottoman to put the book down and read it…


After perusing the book, it was time for the card.


Concentrating… and then he got frustrated and shook the envelope…


Oh, there’s something inside…



A snoopy card and a book about colors.  Thanks, Nana & Papa for Avery’s first Easter present this year!


The books is filled with bright colors and everyday objects like a ‘cat’ (aka ‘me-me’, which is Avery’s way of saying ‘meow meow’) and a rainbow of crayons (aka ‘crah-crah’ for color).  And we’ve proudly displayed the card on the ledge between the dining and living room.

Easter is this weekend, are you getting/sending any gifts?  Do you have any Easter traditions and plans for the holiday?  Last year Avery went on an Easter Egg hunt with Aunt Sarah (something we did as kids), so we’re doing that again-celebrating in VT.  Plus I got a couple goodies for Avery’s Easter basket – so excited to see how he reacts to them.  And Grammy is making an Easter Egg piniata too…can’t wait!

12 thoughts on “Early Easter Presents

  1. I love snail mail too! even if I buy stuff its still fun unwrapping it. you are not alone 🙂 got lots of plans for Easter, very excited! A 4 day weekend with kids and hubby, a short week of crafts and fun and then a week in venice. omg so excited lol

  2. Snail mail is the best! I always think that my neighbors probably think I’m crazy because I check the mail every single day on the off chance that something fun has arrived:) We should have Annabel and Avery send each other stuff! They could be pen pals:)

    We’re pretty eggcited (see what I did there?!) about Easter around here! Nathan and I went out to Target last weekend and went a little crazy collecting fun stuff for Annabel’s Easter basket. We can’t wait to give it to her! Hope you guys have a fun one!!

    • That’s a great idea, Adrianne! Email me and I’ll email you our address and we can coordinate pen pal letters, oh how exciting! I mean… EGG-citing!

      Have a lovely Easter with Annabel – we’ll be thinking of you when Avery is running around hunting for eggs to put in his basket 🙂

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