I Think I Can

A 5K is intimidating.  How people run marathons is beyond me, so a measly 3.1 miles should be cake, right?  For some, sure.  For me, not so much.  Going to the gym and stepping on the treadmill and telling yourself that you will not stop until you hit 2 miles is pretty scary.  There’s a lot of mental ‘I think I can, I think I can’, and serious self-reflection and awareness that goes on for those 20 miles that you’re just, running.

Running is a whole different animal that ‘going to the gym.’  There’s not stopping and resting between sets like when I use the weight machines.  There’s no change in energy when the song switches in Zumba class.  It’s the same thing, for miles and miles.  And to top it off, I don’t use an ipod, so it’s just me, running.  I’ve found that it’s much more a mental challenge, than a physical one.  I’m in shape, for sure.  I know my legs won’t give in on me, I just have to tell myself not to give up on me.

Yesterday I ran my first 2 miles in just over 23 minutes.  That’s a long time to be running.  But since the runs are getting longer, I have lots of time to think, so I’ve found myself mapping out my run, breaking it down with how fast I’ll run and when I’ll speed up, which helps me mentally get thru the run.  If I start at a slow pace (12 min mile), it takes me about 10 minutes to get into a rhythm- where my strides and breathing are in sync.  Then at 1 1/2 miles I kick it up a notch, and keep doing so until I’m sprinting at the end, and man does it feel good!  I could probably maintain that sprinting pace longer, but I need to start slow to mentally get through the run. I get all anxious if my breathing is off and then I start thinking about stopping, and I can’t do that when I have a long distance to run.

And that feeling when I reach the goal distance; pride, confidence, all warm and fuzzy inside (and drenched in sweat on the outside)!  Every time I finish a run, I feel like I can get right back on and run another mile, and maybe faster this time?!  It’s a great feeling and puts me in such a great mood for the rest of the day.  Albeit, intimidating and challenging, running growing on me.  I’m in no way a ‘runner’ (yet), but I’m beginning to enjoy this…

Two weeks of ‘training’ behind me, 5 to go!

Week Dates Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 3/11-3/17 Rest Zumba 1m run (10:51) Rest 1m run (11:23)
2 3/18-3/24 Rest Zumba 1.5m run (17:09) Zumba 2m run (23:10)
3 3/25-3/31 Rest Zumba 2m run 1m run Rest 30 CT 2.5m run
4 4/1-4/7 Rest Zumba 2m run 1.5m run Rest 30 CT 2.5m run
5 4/8-4/14 Rest Zumba 2.5m run 1.5m run Rest 35-40 CT 3m run
6 4/15-4/21 Rest Zumba 3m run 1.5m run Rest 35-40 CT 3.5m run
7 4/22-4/28 Rest Zumba 3.5m run 1.5m run Rest 35-40 CT 4 m run
8 4/29-5/5 Rest Zumba 3m run 1.5m run Rest 40 CT 4m run
9 5/6-5/12 Rest Zumba 3m run 2m run Rest 5k Race!

Excited for my run Wednesday night – I’m gonna pick up the pace and try to beat my time on Sunday.  If you noticed, I have some blank days in my schedule.  I planned to cross train twice a week, and run three.  Although it seemed ideal, it’s too much for my schedule and I think 2 CT and 2 runs a week are managable, so I’ll adjust as the weeks go on.  Some days I have to switch a rest day for a run day, because of what’s going on with life and such, and it seems to work.  I hope that it warms up though, because I need to get outside to run and see how I do, compared to a treadmill run.

I’ve been wondering if I need to buy new shoes.  The gym shoes I use have never stepped foot outside.  But breaking in another pair will take weeks.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?


11 thoughts on “I Think I Can

  1. I was just logging in to keep working on my running post. You’re doing great, Meghan! You are so right, running is such a mental game. Whew! My goal this year is to finally get my breathing figured out. It’s my constant struggle and I want to get to a place where I do it naturally.

    • The breathing thing is tough to figure out, and I have issues with anxiety so when I start worrying about my breathing, it just makes it worse. I’m thinking about using an ipod to see how that works in motivating me, but I always hate how I can’t hear myself breath when I do that. Do you use an ipod?

      • Before Maximus I used to run with music. I use my iPod so rarely now that I just realized it is full of my running music from then! Since I’m running inside I don’t mind the silence but I also have the hum of the treadmill. I’ve been counting my steps until I get into a rhythm. I understand about hearing yourself breath. It sounds awful!

      • haha, my ipod music is from 3+ years ago so i can relate! who has time to upload music to their ipod?! I think I like it being just me and the treadmill for the same reasons… breathing and steps…

  2. It took me years to run a 5k. I seriously ran a 10k, half marathons, 10-milers and a marathon before running a 5k. To me, they’re intimidating because I feel like it’s all about SPEED. It’s the hardest 22-23 minutes of my life.

    You are doing great and you’re training the right way. Baby steps. keep at it!! Your schedule looks great.

    • thanks, Rachel. You’re right in that I do feel like I have to make it a fast run. Since it’s a ‘short’ distance. But I think I need to focus on just getting the distance down and then when I know I can do that, then work on the pace. These short legs can only go so fast. No idea how you run 9 minute miles, damn. I start at a 12min mile pace and by the end I think I’m at a 9.5minute mile pace. You are fast!

  3. I’ve been dabbling with “training” for a 5K here as well, but I’m also pushing a jogging stroller. It’s a whole different thing when you can’t really swing your arms (to me anyway, lol).

    • haha. the jogging stroller is akward for sure. As long as you have a mostly flat surface, like the boardwalk I take avery to in the summer), it isn’t too bad. If you push the stroller with one hand, you can swing the other. just hold the stroller in the middle of the bar. But when there are people and dogs to avoid, manuvering becomes annoying. I’m thinking i might have hubs take avery and i run this one alone, since the stroller makes it so much harder – plus its still freezing here and i cant train with avery in the stroller outside yet and I’m pretty sure they wont let me put the stroller on the treadmill at the gym….

      • I would love to see a pic of that at the gym! Our streets curve here and I’d like to get a jogging stroller that has a front wheel that turns so I can jog the track at the local park more easily. The one I received from a friend is fixed.

      • yeah my front wheel is fixed too. im sure the ones that do rotate are pricey, of course. maybe you’ll find a good steal on craigslist or something?

      • I found one at Toys R’ Us I loved for $140, but they were, of course, out of stock and the sale ends today. Added it to my wish list on Amazon so I can watch it and just wait it out.

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