Race into Spring

The 6 inches of snow on the ground is deceiving because tomorrow is the first day of spring.  Is the snow done yet?!  I think our snow total this year is over 5 feet.  Seriously.  And to think, this time last week I took Avery to the park:




When will the snow storms stop?  Hopefully before May 11th, because that’s my first 5k of the year!

Yep, after 4 months of working out and achieving to my ‘goal weight,‘  I think it’s safe to say that I’m in shape and it’s time to start ‘training’ for a 5k.  It’ll be a great way to stay in shape, and puts a goal in the future to work towards.  So with that, I scoured the internet and found a training schedule, tweaked it to meet our family schedule and ba-da-bing, we’re in training mode!

Week Dates Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 3/11-3/17 Rest Zumba 1m run (10:51) Rest 1m run (11:23)
2 3/18-3/24 Rest Zumba 1.5m run 1.5m run Rest 30 CT 2m run
3 3/25-3/31 Rest Zumba 2m run 1m run Rest 30 CT 2.5m run
4 4/1-4/7 Rest Zumba 2m run 1.5m run Rest 30 CT 2.5m run
5 4/8-4/14 Rest Zumba 2.5m run 1.5m run Rest 35-40 CT 3m run
6 4/15-4/21 Rest Zumba 3m run 1.5m run Rest 35-40 CT 3.5m run
7 4/22-4/28 Rest Zumba 3.5m run 1.5m run Rest 35-40 CT 4 m run
8 4/29-5/5 Rest Zumba 3m run 1.5m run Rest 40 CT 4m run
9 5/6-5/12 Rest Zumba 3m run 2m run Rest 5k Race!

(Reference: http://running.about.com/od/racetraining/a/5Kadvbeginner.htm)

I started last week and missed two workouts, but hey, nobody’s perfect.  I did run twice, which is more mileage than I’ve ran in the past month (not counting doing intervals), so I’m happy with that as a good starting point.  I’ve scheduled my weekly Zumba class as a cross-training(CT) night, and another on Saturday might mean Erin and I have to go back to Nick’s killer kickboxing class… eek!  And although the time change leaves more daylight when I get home to run, there are no sidewalks to run on… stupid snow.  So for now I’ll have to hit the gym after Avery passes out, even if it’s just for a quick run, it’s worth it.

I’m not looking to win any races, just finish them.  I am timing my runs though, and maybe the next 5k I can work on improving my time?  So for you runners out there… how does my ‘training schedule’ look? Am I doing it right?

As for details on the race, it’s a family affair!  Yep, my Dad signed up for a 5K and we all wanted in… Grammy and Auntie Sarah too.  It’s a charity race, the J.M.M.Y Run, in Georgia,VT on May 11th @ 8am – more details here.   I plan to push Avery in the stroller for the race, but it’s way too cold out to ‘train’ with him doing that.  Again, stinking snow!  Maybe the calendar will talk to the weather Gods and remind them tomorrow that, hey, it’s spring!

So excited about Zumba tonight that I have Pandora on a Zumba Fitness station… oh yeah totally rocking out at my desk right now, Erin.


22 thoughts on “Race into Spring

  1. I’m doing the couch to 5K program for a race in June and I hate running. What was I thinking? Lol. I’m a little envious that you still have winter. Here in the southwest, we’ve had temps in the mid 80’s this week. We only had 4 months of “winter” which is nothing like yours.

      • Outside in the morning. We haven’t been able to swing the cost of a gym membership yet. Highs during the summer here reach 110 or so, so I’m hoping I can join a gym before then. I don’t know what these 5K organizers were thinking either when they decided to schedule the event for June 15. It’s going to be HOT! Lol.

  2. Looks like you will be working hard!! I love Zumba and am actually in the process of saving up to take an instructor course.
    I miss work outs too, sometimes more often than I’d like – it happens, especially with a little guy and work but I make up for it by making sure I eat well and drink nothing sugary..which normally just leaves water, but nothing is wrong with that. I am going to be doing my first 5K this spring too, thought I haven’t decided which one. We live in a big city and there are always so many to choose from.

    • I had that same problem – too many races to choose from! Luckily the one my family signed up for is for a charity of a family friend, so it worked. No idea what my next one will be, but I’m sure it’ll pop up. Maybe ask your friends and coworkers?

    • Thanks! I think my biggest fear about the race is not running it, but having my toddler freak out and have to stop the race for him. He likes strolling though, so I bet it’ll be fine…

  3. YAY for races. I’m excited for your training and the schedule looks perfect. I’m with you — I’m ready for this cold/slushy/snowy weather to take a hike. It’s Spring so that Groundhog better be right with its predictions!!!

    Avery’s too cute. Crazy how the weather just changes out of nowhere.

  4. 5k races are so much fun. I used to do ‘Race for life’ every year, this is a 5k race for women only to raise money for cancer research UK. Great fun. They’re a great way to keep in shape as well because they are long enough to get properly going but not long enough to put you off. Good luck with the race, and most of all….have fun running!

  5. You’re going to have so much fun with him outside this spring and summer! Whenever it actually shows up… My favorite part of nice weather is playing outside. We may not do much, but we’ve instilled a routine of going on walks. It makes us all happy. I can’t wait for that again!

    • Walks are great! Last year when I’d get home from work, I’d take Avery for a walk in the stroller, stop and play at the park. I did that once last week-and avery threw a fit when I had hime come inside. But then the snow came back and we’ve been couped up inside again. I hope it warms up soon!

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