Sledding, Pigs, and Happy Meals

Why is it that every weekend I decide to visit VT, I get the worst weather?  One time it hailed, another was pouring sheets of rain.  This past weekend was no exception- snow squalls with black ice – so bad that I had to call my Mommy and Daddy to come meet us, left my car in Southern VT, and got to my parents house SIX HOURS after we left our home in Boston.  Poor Avery snoozing in the back seat (with his baby) was NOT thrilled either…


NOT a great start to the weekend.  But it got better…  I mean, how could it have gotten any worse?!

Saturday while Avery was playing, I snagged some much overdue pictures of Avery’s House in my parents basement.


It has a door, a window, mail slot, and light…and it’s Avery’s size!


…And you can’t have a house without a number…. (my parent’s street number is 102)


Fully equipped with a kitchen, and stars on the ceiling!


Avery loves passing items thru the mailbox… but he gets very frustrated when big items (like his broom) get stuck and won’t go thru.


He even has an Avery-height light switch!



Saturday morning there was lots of playing.  Avery was busy feeding the cat and throwing the dogs toys, in and out of his house, and he loved playing with the matchbox cars – hand-me-downs from Uncle Marcus – so they’re 15-20 years old.  When Avery started driving the cars on the stairway rail, he decided to make Avery a ramp!

And when that got boring, Avery used Grampy to hold up the ramp.

It was cold out, but we took a quick trip outside for some sledding.



And come noontime, us girls went out to the movies and left Grampy and Avery having lunch together.


Avery took a nap after lunch, but then he and Grampy and Great Uncle Mike played until we came back (we saw Safe Haven… GOOD MOVIE!).  They were probably being silly like this:


We had dinner at Aunt Candy and Uncle Paul’s Saturday night where Avery met the Strawberry Man and got slobbered with kisses from Cloe.  And that night Grampy won our card game and all $6 he won went into Avery’s college fun jar 🙂

Sunday morning was more fun around the house.  More playing with the animals…


And we stopped in to Great Grandma and Grandpa’s to visit.  Avery was snoozing for the first bit and I got to help Grandma with her puzzle for a little, but when Avery was up he was ALL about Pumba… Grandma’s Ginea Pig.


Grammy and Grampy drove us to get our car and before we headed home, we just HAD to get Avery his first ever Happy Meal.  Isn’t the kids fries container so cute?!


Avery wasn’t as impressed and before we could catch him…


his fries went swimming!  Oh kiddo.

IMG_0666He liked the fries and a little hamburg, but he just wanted out and to push around the high c hair and flirt with the cute girl sweeping the floor.  Silly kid.

When we got home, Daddy showed Avery how to use his Happy Meal toy – a power rangers thing that shoots disks… Avery loves it!

Now it’s Monday, back to our daily grind.  This weekend Avery’s Grandma and Aunt (Vinay’s family) are coming to visit.  Then it’s Easter in VT.  Let’s hope all the snow is gone by then so we can do an Easter piniata outside – with the upcoming snow storm (yes, another one) I bet it’ll be an indoor thing this year!


18 thoughts on “Sledding, Pigs, and Happy Meals

    • thanks, Fen. Aren’t they so creative and talented?! We always have a great weekend up there even if it takes hours of driving – always worth it!

  1. Avery’s house is fabulous! I was curious from the previous posts to see more photos! We have an open area under our stairs in our finished basement. Looks like my Husband might have a new project! 😉

    And I LOVE that your Grandma has a guinea pig! I’ve always wanted a guinea pig. I’m guessing it’s a poor idea with our cats and dog though. . .

    • If your hubs needs tips, have him call my Dad 🙂 I can see Avery using that house for years and years.

      Yeah, isn’t it weird my grandma has a ginea pig? She has one because we gave it to her after she mentioned she wanted one and we took her seriously. She named it Pumba after the character in Lion King. The thing is VERY skiddish though. It’s good for kids, because he doesn’t bite, he just runs away back to his cage. They would be scared of your dogs and cats, I’m sure. But we’re thinking of getting Avery a pet… something we don’t have to commit to walking in the middle of the night (because I get up enough with Avery)… so maybe a ginea pig?

      • I have no idea what guinea pigs do at night but I had a couple of hamsters and a gerbil at various times in my life and every one of those little bastards were awake ALL NIGHT LONG. So noisy. . .chewing, scratching, running in their squeaky metal wheel. . .If you get Avery one, I’d suggest NOT keeping it in his room. Ha!

        Cats aren’t a bad idea – especially if you got an adult cat that was pretty lazy and good with kids. The litter box is easier to maintain than a hamster cage or fish bowl. But if they don’t use the box? Then it’s a huge issue.

        I definitely would steer clear of a dog. They are a MESS. ha!

      • haha, great point. I had various pets growing up and the ginea pig’s cage was in the dining room and he was always scared and stayed in his house, unless we brought him food of course. They might be a boring pet to some but we’re looking for something that needs little upkeep and won’t hurt/bite avery…oh and something he won’t squeeze to death lol

  2. HAHA!! I just read this and it cracks me up that we both had posts about the adorable McDonald’s HM fry. 🙂 And seriously, I am in love with that house your parents made Avery. What a great use of space under the stairs. I may need to add that to my honey do list for Dan to do in our basement!

  3. Your parents are so awesome! I would love to have something like this for Annabel one day! I just remember how much I loved to play “house” as a kid and think she would love a miniature house of her own:) Lucky Avery!

    • Yeah, they’re pretty awesome 🙂 I never had anything like this as a kid! His Grammy and Grampy spoil him! That’s Ok though, because I get to play with him in it too!

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