Viva Las Vegas: Part 2

A week back at work and our Vegas trip already seems eons away!  I’m pushing to share the rest of our trip (and Avery’s) so I can get caught up and share about the recent changes/updates in our house/family… exciting stuff going on at the Ratnam Residence!

Rev It Up

Back to our vacation…. we spent most days exploring the strip, as I shared last week.  We had the luxury of doing whatever we were in the mood for.  We did, however, have a few special events planned.  Our first was going to a show!  I had never been to a Vegas show, so I was very excited!  We got all dressed up, and stopped at the front desk to get a picture taken of us together – which never happens because one of us is always behind the camera.


Love my new red flats?  One of my finds from shopping.  Fun and dressy, but also comfy for the walk from the monorail to the show.  We saw La Reve (‘The Dream’) at the Wynn Hotel.  I thought it was a Cirque Du Soleil show, but we later found out it wasn’t.  It’s produced by the same people as Cirque shows, though, and it showed.

We got there early and and found a bar to lounge at.  I sipped a shirley temple while I played black jack at the bar on one of those computer thingys.  I turned $5 into $5.25, woot, woot!  I stopped while ahead and cashed out.


Minor detail though… I forgot to cash it in, and so I’m left with a very expensive souvenir! Anyone going to Vegas in the next 40 days? I’ll gladly mail it to you!

Just walking into the theater  we knew it was going to be a good show.  The theatre was round, and the furthest seats were 20 rows back, all looking into a round stage of WATER!   Our seats were in the second row, technically in the ‘splash zone’.  And yes, I got splashed!  Not drenched though.


The show was a storyline about a woman having a dream (hence the name).  There was a mix of dancing, high diving, acrobatics, comedy, magic, and even synchronized swimming!  The first act built up to this…

photo (2)

The stage moved up and down so at points the water was an inch deep and actors were dancing on water, splashing about.  Other times, the stage was lowered and they were diving from a hundred feet above.  Jaw dropping, amazing.  I don’t think I stopping smiling the whole show!


They allowed pictures during the show, and I must have took 30 of them.  Here are a few from each different act…












We saw Cirque’s ‘Totem’ this past summer, and it was great, but not even close to how good ‘La Reve’ was.  I’ll be raving about this until something trumps it!

You are Getting Very Sleeeepy

Our next special event was a Marc Savard’s Comedy Hypnosis Show.  I was excited because the last Hypnosis show I had seen was at our high school Project Grad night (graduation night full of activities that lasted all night long, preventing grads from going out and partying with illegal stuff).  I remember some funny stuff… someone being Tarzan and leaping from vine to vine across the gym, and another guy giving birth… very funny.  I knew it would be fun to watch, so we didn’t volunteer.  Oh and there’s an pretty water fountain outside the theater.


We had to stand in line for a bit.  Vinay wasn’t impressed yet.


No pictures from the show, but very funny show.  Well worth the wait in line, Vinay!  There was this one guy that fell dead asleep when Savard was starting to get people hypnotized.  People were sleeping on their neighbors, very funny to watch.  And it was rather R-rated, but that made it a pretty fun show that ended with two guys and blow up dolls… haha.

Is That A God Dam?

Our big, day-long adventure was a tour of the Hoover Dam.  Aside from the long bus ride home after the tour (they had to drop people off at many hotels and we were one of the last), it was a fun activity.  Vinay had been to the Dam before, but he was thrilled to see it again.  Me, well, the whole fear of heights thing kinda put me off, but I was game.

The Hoover Dam was surprisingly close to Vegas.  A short ride in and we had a view of Lake Mead.


Our driver gave a long history and fun facts along the ride.  And maybe it’s just me, but I thought they had one person drive and one person talk with a mic on tours?  Something about this dude taking curves alongside a mountain above a dam WHILE rambling on made me feel a little unsafe.  That added to my fear of heights made me a little hesitant and good thing I wasn’t the one driving because looking down that ledge is a doosy!


We had 2 hours to explore, and we started with the interior tour where we saw an informative video and then they took us down to see the pumps and pipelines.


They were huge!  And we had a pretty funny elevator operator.  She came into the elevator with us giving us little facts and talking thru our short ride, noting that she wasn’t our tour guide, and we’d meet him when we got off, and that she was just a dam elevator operator. Haha.  And if that isn’t corny enough for you, Vinay kept quoting Bevis and Butt head’s ‘Uh, can I ask one question?  Is this a god dam?’  I’ve never seen that show or is it a movie?  Either way, he thought it was hilarious.  Apparently I’m missing out on something funny.

After the tour, I opted out of viewing from the observation tower.  I was freaking out because the building had floor to ceiling windows and I didn’t want to even think about looking down!


Vinay looked down for me and took a picture so I could see. (I know, I’m so lame)


I almost didn’t walk across the Dam, but we went slowly and started on the Lake Mead side.  The water was low, which made for quite a drop, but not nearly as much as the other side.


The white rock behind me rimming the lake is how low the lake has gotten.  We learned there has been a drought for 13 years (I think?) and the top of the white(talc) is where the water line used to be.

I warmed up to walking the dam and when we made it halfway across there was a plaque because half the dam is in Nevada and the other in Arizona.


We walked to the other side and crossed over to the Dam side, and let me tell you, I stayed as far away from the edge as possible!  I did take a nice picture of the Lake Mead side to distract myself…


Vinay wasn’t scared at all.  He posed for a few pictures for me.


And in this picture, the bridge behind him is new.  The two other times he’s visited, he saw it being built.  It’s used for big trucks to pass over instead of going over the dam.


After our walk along the dam I felt pretty comfortable and got close to the edge and looked over!  It wasn’t that bad, since it isn’t a dead drop.  Pretty proud of myself 🙂

Before they brought us back to our hotel, the bus stopped at a chocolate factory that had a cacti garden.  We took the tour and sampled some yummy chocolate.  It was soooo pricey though.  So we got a scoop of Vanilla Bean ice cream (my favorite) and toured the garden.


Ok, I was hoping to get this all into two posts, but you’ll have to wait for number three to hear about our tour of the M&M store, gambling, dinner in Paris, and see the souvenirs we snagged for Avery and the family.

Do you Gamble?  Guess how many times I got carded at casinos…. a hint? It’s in the double digits!

8 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas: Part 2

  1. Love your Las Vegas Posts! We’ve been there twice. We got married at the Bellagio and the second time, we went for a few days with some friends.

    The second visit we rented a car and went to Hoover Dam. That place is crazy! I didn’t so much mind the heights but the tour inside the Dam, nearly caused my demise. Ha!

    I am extremely claustrophobic and they had those elevators stuffed to capacity. Then of course, the elevator operator told us the story about getting stuck in one with a group. I almost died from anxiety. As soon as we stepped off the elevator, I practically begged our guide to take me back up on a less crowded elevator (yeah – completely crazy). But they did. I guess they couldn’t leave me there. . .Ha! 🙂

    So glad you had a great time!

    • you got married at the Bellagio?!! How romantic! I stayed there our first trip down there years ago… it’s so fancy!

      We were lucky and had a smaller group, or smaller people, because it wasn’t too crowded on our elevator rides. I would have freaked too if they mentioned getting stuck in one of those, eek!

      • The Bellagio was great! That elevator was brutal. I have no idea how many folks were in there but my nose was practically touching the guy in front of me. It’s a LONG ride down too! EEK.

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