Annnnnd We’re Back….Sort Of.

Ok, so I feel so disconnected.  A week of vacation is a LONG time!  We were away from Avery for a whole 7 days.  I didn’t touch my email or my blog, and I barely popped on facebook & instagram (had to share about winning $$ a few times).  I have no idea what’s going on in the world or blogosphere.  Did Elske lose more weight? Did I hear TwoT’s bought a houses!? Adrienne, did you decide to work or not? Oh man, so much to catch up on! Well, we’re back… and slowly getting back into the daily grind.  What made matters even more discombobulated was that when I came back to work yesterday, I started a new position, as an assistant project manager.  AND a coworker is on vacation THIS week, and I’m covering for her.  Whoa, is right!  So much going on.

At least our house is in order.  We’re all unpacked and have actually been able to clean the bathroom and vacuum a few rooms.  Avery’s happily back at daycare – although I think his teachers missed him more than he missed them.  It’s good to get back into the swing of things after a refreshing vacation.

As for the vacation photos and stories… you’ll have to wait.  I have to spend lunch mowing down this yogurt and healthy choice pizza (you’ll be happy to hear I’m still eating well after my big weight loss) while I cringe at credit card statements from our trip, pay some bills and loans, and try to get everything back in order… all in my 30 min lunch break…eek!

So, later this week lets hope I’ll find some more free time and fill you in on our week in VEGAS!  We spent 2 days travelling, and 6 days exploring the city.  We went to two shows, I got my picture with TOBY KEITH at his bar, visited the Hoover Dam, met up with friends from Seattle, did some shopping (guess who went to Vegas without her suitcase of clothes? Yep, me.  More on that later!) gambled, took a bath in our jacuzzi tub, ate yummy food, and much more!  I have soooo many pictures to share… including an ‘after’ photo for my Breaking 130 health kick (which, by the way, I took at the gym of our hotel that I spent some time in!).  Oh and tons and tons of videos and pictures of Avery’s adventures with Grammy & Grampy.

Until then, here’s a sneak peak…

photo (3)

photo (2)

photo (1)

Have you been to Vegas?  What was your favorite thing to do there?


12 thoughts on “Annnnnd We’re Back….Sort Of.

  1. Hi! It’s great to have you back, I missed you. Hope you had a wonderful time, must have been a bit strange though without Avery for 7 days. Did you get lots of undisturbed sleep? I have never been to Vegas, actually I have never been to your side of the pond at all, maybe when Elisabeth is older. Well done for trying to eat healthy on your trip as well, those are the times that make the real difference.

    • I missed you too. I really put the computer down and enjoyed vacation, away from the blogosphere, facebook, even the news. But coming back I realize how much I have to do… next time I am taking a ‘stay-cation!’ Leaving Avery was much better than last year when we took our vaca to Costa Rica (4 days I think)… because he’s older. I wasn’t worried at all. He had a blast with my parents. They sent us videos and pictures (via my dads fancy new smart phone… so cool when your parents get up on the times) and we video chatted one morning. I did miss Avery though. Next time I think I’ll do a week off…. 1/2 the week at home without Avery, getting stuff done that I never had time for, then the other 1/2 we’ll go away somewhere close with Avery.

      Oh and if you do ever visit this side of the pond (When Elisabeth is older) you SO have to come visit us!

      • Isn’t it wonderful to not be in touch with the world? I bet you’re busy with everything now though.

        The longest I have been away from Elisabeth is 2 nights and I missed her so badly, but it is definitely good to have a bit of time to yourself.

        We’ll definitely come and visit if we ever make it to your side of the pond!

    • well, have you gained any? You lost a lot at first. If you haven’t gone back up, that’s better than how I did. I lost a few pounds, then went up a bit, then back down. Over all it was a loss in the long run, so don’t get discouraged if the scale isn’t your best friend every week. If you make ‘life changes’ they will be beneficial in the long run… and help you not gain the weight back like some ‘diets’. Looking forward to reading the post… and catching up on all the blogs I read… hopefully tomorrow or at least before the end of the week!

      • I gained a little bit, just under two pounds, but I’m still under 180 pounds which I am perfectly happy with. And as you said, it’s the life changes that matter and that will work in the long run.

  2. Welcome back! I didn’t even know you were going on vacation! I’ve been to Vegas twice when I was younger, like 21 and 23. Wow, strange that it was over 10 years ago almost. I was, of course, jet-lagged, and could hardly keep my eyes opened. hope you got a lot of alone time together and you got to sleep in.

    • haha, yes that’s what our trip was back in ’09. This time it was a fancy dinner, a couple shows, walking around, lounging at the hotel, sightseeing. Much more tame than our first trip.

  3. I was wondering where you were but now that you mention it, I do remember you saying you were going to Vegas. lol. Glad you guys had fun and congrats on the new position! Awesome!

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