Goodbye 130

16 weeks ago I made a goal to break 130 pounds before going on hubby & my yearly ‘adults only‘ get away… this year to Vegas.  I wasn’t overweight, but I wasn’t healthy. I weighed in at 137.4, which isn’t extreme, but for someone five foot one, it’s not ideal.  I wanted to feel better about myself and get below a number (130) that I haven’t been under since college.  8 pounds in 16 weeks doesn’t seem like much, but man was it a challenge.  Working, upholding a household, taking care of a toddler, and fitting in the gym?!  Yeah, it was a challenge.  I had my off weeks where I gained weight back, and the Friday I forgot to weigh in… but I stuck to it.

This morning was the 16 week mark, and the ‘end’ of my fitness challenge.  I did a ‘last chance workout’ (biggest loser reference!) last night and man did it help…

biggest loser challenge week 16

My Goal: Break 130lbs by February 22nd.

Week 13 Weigh-in: 128.6… yeah, seriously.  I smashed my goal!  And the best thing about it is that it was a gradual process, and I made life changes that will help me keep the weight off.  And honestly, I had weighed myself in on Tuesday, to check where I was at, and I was already at 129.6.  Thursday I checked again, 129.4.  So today sealed the deal.  It wasn’t a fluke or anything.  So proud of myself!

Weight Lost: 8.8lbs.

biggest loser challenge week 16 weight loss chart


  • Friday (2/8): 60min.  HIIT 30 min, more cardio, arm machines, stretching
  • Saturday: NYC
  • Sunday: NYC
  • Monday: NYC
  • Tuesday: 60min. Zumba!
  • Wednesday: 15min. @ home
  • Thursday: 30min. mall strolling w/Avery

For my final week, I went pretty light on the workouts.  We were away for the weekend, but I came back strong and went to Zumba, even though Erin couldn’t make it.  And last night instead of hitting the gym late after Vinay got home, Avery and I spent the afternoon strolling the mall and stopping at the playplace there too ofcourse!

BMI: 23.9

Calorie Counting: I have trouble tracking cals on the weekend.  Chasing Avery around is hard enough, getting on a computer without him freaking out because a computer = elmo, is just not worth it.  So I’m committed to calorie counting on weekdays and on the weekend I still watch what I eat, but don’t log it.  Works.  I’m starting to not be starved all the time.  I think my body is adjusting to smaller portions and healthier food.  At times thru this process I was STARVED.  I mean I was dying to eat some chips or chocolate, but I resisted.  Now I am rarely starved, and when I am, I know to have healthy snacks on hand, especially at work.  I’m averaging 1300-1400 cals a day, which seems to work for me, especially since I eat  5 times a day. (breakfast,snack.lunch, snack, dinner).

Now What?

Now that I’ve reached my goal weight, I’d like to maintain it, but to do that, I need to make another goal for myself (I know, type-A, goal oriented freak over here).  13 races in 2013.  Maybe they’ll all be 5Ks and on the treadmill at the gym, but we’ll start small and train for a 5K and see how that goes.  Plus I’ve been kinda pushing it at the gym lately, sometimes going 5 times a week.  That’s become a stress at home, because between Vinay going to the gym, us spending time with Avery, keeping the house not a mess, it’s just too much.  So I think 3x a week is more than enough.  My goals going forward are going to be…

  • Train for a 5K. (8 week schedule = Race end of April)
  • Workout 3 times/wk. (Tues,Fri, Sat or Sun)
  • Stay under 130

I’m sure I’ll be back with some training/race info once I get into this whole running thing….

I’ll be back after vacation with some much anticipated before & after photos!

Take a look back at my Weekly Progress:


20 thoughts on “Goodbye 130

  1. SORRY I AM LATE, BUT CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How wonderful!!! And yes, the best part is that you lost the weight gradually, which means it will STAY OFF!!! Hooray.

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