H54F: Valentine’s Edition

We’re headed to NYC to visit the MIL for a long weekend.  Let’s end the week with a High Five for Friday post and wrap up Valentines Day….

 #1: Avery’s Valentine’s Party at School

The kiddos were all hopped up on sugar when I picked Avery up from daycare yesterday. His cute sweater vest was covered in an unknown pink substance… probably from the cupcake he was THRILLED about eating.  Aren’t they all so darn cute sitting together?!

#2 Cupcake Excitement


#3 Avery’s First Valentine’s Exchange


Last year Avery’s daycare gave him a little bear… which was so sweet.  But this year he participated in a full on Valentine exchange and came home with a goodie bag of stuff!

#4 Valentin’s Loot!


In Avery’s Valentine’s goodie bag from daycare: cards, m&m’s, goldfish, and bubbles!  PLUS Avery got two packages in the mail… one from his Nana & Papa with a sweet card and a baby sign language book!  And one from Grammy & Grampy full of candy and this wicked cool light up windmill thing… HE LOVES IT.  He was so mad when I took it away for bathtime. And Avery made us a sweet Valentine too.

#5 Adult’s Only Valentine Dinner


After Vinay sent me such pretty flowers at work, I had to follow it with something good….so I got his favorite dinner special… sushi!  We enjoyed it after Avery went to bed and snuggled up to (part of) a movie (it was a week night, no way we had time to watch a whole movie!)

Such a great Valentine’s Day… can’t wait to see what next year brings!

What was your five this week?!


16 thoughts on “H54F: Valentine’s Edition

  1. I got the same sign book for Caleb though the flash cards never made it into the house. I will need to check my car. He knows all the signs in the book now except for teddy bear. And he does bath and coat weird but close enough and he knows what I am asking him to do.

    • thats great. avery mostly would rather scream and cry right now than sign… teething is getting the better of both of us. he actively uses ‘all done”, ‘more’, and ‘hat’… ive tried other ones but they havent caught on yet

    • Total Recall. Our netflix is a jumble of girly movies i like and action movies he likes. apparently this one is a sequel? we got 30 min into it and it’s great… it reminds me of the 5th element, the one with bruce willis… good movie. still haven’t finished it… lol. sometimes it takes 3 sitting sessions to finish a movie!

  2. Happy belated Valentine’s Day. And sorry we did not get to meet up this past weekend. It was WAY too cold to go out and take Lili out — we stayed in. Especially since EVERYONE is sick. My entire family contracted the Norovirus and my in-laws had been watching Lili’s cousins because they’ve had a fever all last week. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I don’t want her getting sick.

    Anyway, Avery and his classmates look adorable. I guess this is what I’m missing out on with Lili not being in daycare. I mean, we are saving a lot of money, but I need Lili to be more social. Once the weather gets nicer, we’ll need to take her back to the gymboree.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    • yes, daycare has the social aspect which i love. when i pickup avery he’s too busy playing with a friend to care about me. so it’s good for him. I do envy your free lili-sitters… so lucky! i would do that if we could.

      hope you all stay healthy!

  3. My hubby and I want to know how they got all those kids to sit around a table. Lol. We can barely get Trubba to sit still for more than 20 seconds, let alone at the same time as anyone else. 😛

    • Honestly, that’s the exact conversation my husband and I had! We know there are 2 teachers and 1 assistant teacher to wrangle them all up. And I do notice that when they are all at the table, they are more likely to watch eachother and do what others are doing. For example, my son eats 100 times better at daycare because he sits with others that are also eating. At home he’s distracted with the window or the tv or me scrambling to do dishes and pack his lunch for tomorrow while he’s secure in his highchair and not on my hip!

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